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an embraceable life Jun 18, 2018

Travel Plans for me involve taking care of the things that would have been done at home in the time I am away.  A week from today my daughters and I will be heading to Ireland for a little more than a week. We plan to spend time with my sweet and 99 year old auntie who needs a little loving and homemade soup.  She is our last living relative of her generation and might have surpassed her siblings in longevity, as she never had kids!  I say this in jest but really – I mean there is so much stress involved in parenting!  And, there is so much stress involved in managing care for a childless auntie who lives across the ocean.  Thankfully my cousins are able to take that on without much need for my input.  I like to lend my support as often as I can.

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Back to my travel plans, this week Ben, my eldest (25) will be admitted to Children’s’ Hospital in Boston for a night or two so the cardiology team there can switch out one of his life-supporting meds.  The one he has been on for the last few years needs to be changed to keep Ben’s liver and kidney function happening.

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You see, Ben has been dealing with a pretty precarious heart condition called Cardio-Myopathy for his whole life.  He was diagnosed at 2 and a half at which time his life expectancy was deemed to be 4.  It is kind of hard for me to share much about his health issues.  It seems that most people respond to my sharing with deep sadness and fear which makes me want to keep it all to myself.  So, just know, part of what I’ll be doing this week to make our travel plans happen on Sunday is sitting with my sweet son, while he undergoes what is likely to be a smooth change.  Smooth, but not without risks that most would not choose - and, well, we didn’t choose them either but they are ours.  Send strength to Ben and a prayer for a calm, smooth, successful transition.

06.18.18 Travel Plans Berries.jpg

Went strawberry picking yesterday in the hot sunshine.  Picked 25 lbs for the freezer (and smoothies all year) Oh and there will be strawberry shortcake for dinner tonight.  Harvesting had to happen before we head across the pond.  There is such a tiny window for the perfect strawberries in our climate.  By the time we return home that window will be closed.

06.18.18 Travel Plans Sadie.jpg

OK. Now to plan for garden watering, and dog walking; Feeling grateful that my amazing team at the Crispinaffrench has solid abilities to hold things in balance while I adventure. 


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