This is Something I Can Do by Siobhan Rodgers

the future is female Mar 02, 2018

Evaluations, okay well where do I start?

Evaluating myself is something I do everyday, I am someone who is constantly questioning my actions and choices and how they are going to help me progress into my future. Working on the future is female project with these beautiful 6 other women has helped me tremendously. Putting myself out into the world is something I was finding quite uncomfortable when I first started writing. I did not know exactly what write or what to say. I was worried people would perceive me in a certain way. After writing about my weakness and my strengths and learning the other women who are in the future is female I realized there is nothing to be scared of. 

These Last seven weeks have flown by for me. I have accomplished many important milestones in my life psychologically. I have grown stronger mentally and I want to continue to grow. With my birthday being in two weeks evaluating the last year is something that has been on my mind lately. Being 18 was a roller coaster of should searching within myself and others. I was coming to a realization of who I am as a human being and what the world around me was really like. Being in high school is like having a safe secure blanket over you. There is a security to being in high school. Over the past year that security blanket has been removed and I am coming slowly learning how to proceed on to my future.

Over the past year I have discovered a creative side to me. I have learned how to express myself. When I was younger expressing myself was something I did not have. I didn't know who I was and was focused on being someone I wasn't so in conclusion to that I was doing things that weren't me. When I figured out what it was like to be me I was able to grow into my shoes. With all the different activities I have been doing, all the discoveries I have been making, especially throughout this blog, I feel a little more confident to go into my future. 

I want to thank all the woman in The Future is Female for showing me that who I am is okay. This blog has helped me grow and learn and discover. These past seven weeks have been busy with growth, busy with school, busy with life. Looking back and evaluating with what has happened over the past seven weeks I am confident in having a place on this earth. 


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