The Path, the Obstacles, and Human Connection

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

One of the things that nurtures us, as humans, is storytelling, sharing, listening, responding, and caring about each others experience brings us close and nurtures connection when we are able to relate to an experience shared by another.  Today, I want to do just that, share with you a little bit about how we are here together, we would love to hear your slice of the story too so once you’ve had a chance to read through, please scroll down and let me know how you found me here. 

A year ago I was in a dark place feeling overwhelmed, unheard, living in financial and physical chaos.  From the outside it might have looked different but in my head, my life felt completely out of my control. 

Today things are really different.

I’ve found a path that helps me clarify my mission, understand what brings me joy, identify my life’s work and communicate all of this clearly. I’ve realized amazing potential in all of my awesome online relationships with like-minded change-makers, coaches, mentors, students, and YOU.  My mindset has changed to one of clarity, compassion, self-love, empowerment and action.  My focus is to connect, collaborate and share with you all the amazing resources gathered along the way .  I am looking forward to learning your struggles, challenges and triumphs so together we can use this platform to inspire each other, keep each other accountable, allow each other to be vulnerable, and show support as we collectively work toward our best most dreamy futures. 

A year ago, I sat crying in the grocery store parking lot after my first, online business coach interview in my quest for the perfect professional to help me out of the darkness and into a new season.  During the interview I spent most of the 30 minute conversation finger pointing, frustrated, and angrily blaming others for the place I found myself.  My life was in financial and physical chaos, my health was suffering, the despair I felt had control of my thoughts most of the time and the conversation I had with this interview made me see clearly how I had limited my own ability to be successful.  When I hung up I felt overcome with embarrassment.  What was I even thinking?  How could all the sadness and chaos in my life be someone else’s fault? I had been spiraling downward and that first conversation, that interview with the coach I wound up hiring, slapped me in the face.  That slap made me realize that my future held potential.  I could change my path.

In addition to that parking lot awakening, and the work that followed with Agnes Kowalski, you know what saved me?  

Books and Podcasts.

The first book that opened my eyes to owning the power to change my situation was You Are A Badass At Making Money, by Jen Sincero.  I had stumbled across her by accident in December 2017 – my morning travel groove had changed from riding my ebike to and from work to commuting with my daughter to her new school.  While I really missed my morning ride the school situation far outweighed that loss – and the drive allowed me to get caught up on all the latest top-40 hits with my daughter as DJ AND to listen to books – as I was dashing out the door from work one afternoon I opened Overdrive (a free audio book app) to download something new to listen to and one of the ‘suggestions’ was her book.  Without really looking at it – and just finding the humor in her title – I hit the download button, gathered my things, and hopping in the car to listen while I drove to pick up.  By the time Violet landed shot-gun, I was transfixed!  It is true to say that this book changed my life.  Suddenly there was a flicker of hope in the thoughts whirling around my head!  Violet had to take a break from her DJ-ing as I actively listened – straight through. 

Have you had such an epiphany, when you just know that the change of course is right for you?

In addition to being super funny, Jen Sincero, stands out to me.  She’s not a millennial like other online mentors I have found.  She is my age, very entertaining, a great writer, and we share similarities in our upbringing and history.  Jen allowed me to believe that if she could make great shift happen in her life that I could do the same.  She inspired my self-care ritual in journaling, meditation, mantras, and my yoga practice.  Once I was able to see beyond my suffering, beyond the chaos, ill health, self-doubt, and despair, things began to shift.  That shift has continued and grown.  Here I am one year later, in a place of exciting growth, wonderful new connections, contentedness and heartfelt gratitude.  I mean – holy shit!  Thinking back as I write this - the distance I have traveled is huge. 

In the last 15 months I have manifested the sale of the ‘albatross’ building where my studio was housed that we had on the market for 5 years.  The building we literally couldn’t GIVE away.

I changed the way I see my future, the way I see money and how to communicate with heartfelt authenticity here online. The resulting growing online community of like-minded, creative thinking, craft artists is blowing me away!  (high-fives all around!)  

My amazing professional team, of creative-thinking doers, helps me run my company and build my cohesive brand that encompasses each aspect of my life’s work – (making, teaching, recycling, empowering)

Each day presents opportunities to help me be more woke and create a super fun, exciting, fulfilling, nourishing, finically viable life.  Scroll down and leave a comment – tell me something that has helped you out of the dark, or ask me a question that might prompt a future post here.

Now, back to cleaning, organizing, and setting up our new studio.  More on that another day. 

Take a look at my entire reading list HERE. 


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