The Ministry of Progress Has Moved

the future is female Jan 22, 2018

Week 4 - The Future is Female - Progress

First I want to thank all of the Future is Female contributors and readers for taking this trip with me and keeping me on this path.  

Years ago, in the days of 12 tradeshows a year, I was hauling my booth set-up down to the Javits Center in NYC when stopped at a red light I saw a wall of posters, all the same in a pattern.  They were black with large white letters that simply stated The Ministry of Progress Has Moved.  The image etched in my memory all these years later - Funny and Fitting

Combining all important aspects of my existence into one beautiful, rich, love-filled life.  This is progress - the journey, a path, always learning and moving in the direction of focus.

02.04.18 Gallery.jpg

- Realizing that simply paying attention to money is helping me make more of it.  My online sales are up 200% over last year.  This column, The Future is Female has me hyper-focused, effective, and productive.  It is drawing attention and website traffic has increased dramatically.  This week, I’ll spend time and attention on shop aesthetics and matching my Etsy Materials, Product and shops. 


- This last week I have spent making product to fill orders.  It has proved that, while I love making, in order for my ‘making time’ to support my mission to become rich, I need to develop ways to for it to generate income beyond the product sale.  Seems like videos, kit development, and sample making are a good way to go.  So, it is February now.  There are a few Love Shine Garlands and Love Shine Garland Kits still available.  This week work begins on the next product/kit pairing.  Will it be drawstring pocket skirts, bucket bags, or embellished decorative tiny pillows?  Stay tuned.

02.04.18 Image2.jpg

- Production Equipment for sale!  I have a handful of industrial sewing machines for sale.  There is an industrial serger by Brother, two Consew 199R zig/zag straight stitch machines. and a Juki straight stitch.  Oh, and one very large and incredibly majestic church - for sale. 

- CRISPINA Event Schedule is filling fast - not all of it is set in stone, new dates and class descriptions are under review and will be posting in the coming weeks.  You can see what is already set on my events page.  Did you know that you can hire me to teach your friends or organization?  Pop me an email for details.

- Another Book?  My workshop students love The Sweater Chop Shop, the book I wrote nearly 10 years ago teaching my making process.  There is another book in my future, I feel it, but it is hard to identify the focus.  Something around empowerment and making.  I’d love suggestions in the comments from anyone with ideas on this. 


- Our family is planning a move.  We live in a handmade home in the woods.  The older part was built in 1907 as a three season cabin where my husband’s family spent summers.  The newer, post n beam, half was built 20 years ago by my hubby with a little help from his friends at Heartwood School.  At the time, my husband and his dad lived here - separately but together.  They each had their own bedroom, bathroom and chill space while sharing a kitchen. We moved our family up here to Maple Lodge when our daughters were ready to start school and did our best to integrate the house into one living space.  Mostly successful with some glitches.  The girls share a big room and well, there are no closets except for a tiny one in our bedroom.  The living space is separated in a way that is not so conducive to entertaining and the whole place is pretty tiny.


Two doors down there is a house that we bought for a song 4 years ago.  It had been badly water damaged and needed to be completely gutted.  The property abuts ours and we thought we could renovate and flip it - until about a year ago when we realized it makes our dream home.  It is bigger than our home, in the same idyllic place that we love and have deep connection to, and there is room for our Omi to join us if she ever feels the desire to live with others.  For the first time in our marriage we are have a renovation project to work on together for our family.  

The house has been gutted, re-sheetrocked, and the layout solidified.  We will use ‘green’  handmade and/or recycled elements  in every aspect of the process.  I’ll post about our progress here.  

Side Note: If you or someone you know is a hand maker who’s work might be a good fit for our project, leave a comment or send an email with details.  Window trim starts this week.

So progress.  That’s progress.  

You know what is NOT progress?  The fact that I live in a place where it has taken me since 5am and two trips to the library parking lot (for service) to upload this post.  A lesson to plan ahead.  Let's see if that has taken hold.  .  .  .   .    


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