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the future is female Mar 11, 2018

Week 9 - The Future is Female - Self Care    


We are having a snow day up here on our quiet mountain road. It’s coming down a couple inches and hour.  Chris is out working and my sweet (for the moment) daughters and I are in our slippers sitting around the kitchen table drawing.  We are making our calendar designs for the 2019 Dolphin Studio calendar. 

It is this kind of unplanned family pleasure that helps me feel in control and able to manage whatever comes my way.  This, and a few daily commitments including outdoor exercise and 10 minutes of meditation help me be unfrustrated and in control.  As I ponder self-care for this week’s theme it is apparent that the real trick to staying on task with penetrating focus is self-care.  

This year began with a hell-bent tangent to get and stay organized, create clear visualizations for financial freedom, set annual goals, make travel plans, and achieve and book teaching/presenting/speaking engagements.    This tangent has inspired and fed me in all sorts of ways and now, nearly 25% of the way into 2018 I find myself consumed with resolve to live the tangent with grace and mindful consideration, only possible with a strong commitment to self-care.  For me, this means:

To eat healthfully and get enough sleep

To identify and achieve personal goals

To communicate mindfully allowing myself and others time to process and respond

To find and follow MY flow

To listen and dance to live music



This focus on self-care has shown me my ability to create a life I’ve never before even dreamed of.  My path is one I love, am committed to, and completely inspired by.  The Future is Female has helped me map out my weeks by putting themes in place.  Spending thoughtful time putting these posts up has helped me focus more.  The group of women participating with me, keeping me accountable, and showing up each week morphs and changes as their individual self-care plans ebb and flow.  I am blessed to be in their flow for now, today, as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  May this work, feed, empower, focus and nurture us all.  May this magical idea to focus on what you want to create more of in your life continue to be as it is - full of my amazement and deep universal gratitude.  

May this clear focus on financial freedom and all the perfect balance it has brought into my life continue always.  

This whole exercise is morphing into a new life path with Self-Care at its center.  Oh my goodness the freedom from chaos, the contented feeling of being organized and on time, the feeling of being in control of important things in my life gives me such relief and rises my life vibration to a level not previously known.  Thank you Universe.  

Eating healthfully and resting enough is especially important as I manage a 5 year old Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis that is addressed nearly completely with a strict Macrobiotic diet and a good 7+ hours of sleep each night.  More on that in future posts.


My sweet, evolved, kind, hard-working (and cyber-phobic) hubby, the plumber turned tree guy and I were married in 2004.  Within the first two years of our marriage we had 2 kids, (bringing our total to 3) bought a huge and beautiful cathedral, and moved - twice.  At the time he ran a 30 person plumbing and heating company he founded in his early 20s.  I never realized that being married to plumber is sort of like being married to an medical doctor.  The first Christmas we were married he had 7 emergency plumbing calls.  I was not resentful but so thankful that I had married a man who was so jazzed about helping people in need.  He never grumbled.   Since 2004 I went along with the flow of those around me.  My husband. My aging parents (who, bless them, have both passed on, Dad in 2010 and Mom, in 2013).  My business partner (who retired in 2008).  My children, son now 25 and daughters now 11 and 12.  This time last year I was battling depression for the first time ever.  I took a step back to see and acknowledge that my life was in chaos, no organization, no planning, no identified goals, little self-care.  While trying to find a key to my sadness in order to address it and change my path, I had an epiphany.  Maybe it was sparked by Jen Sincero’s book You Are A Badass At Making Money or maybe it was just the right time.  Regardless, it struck me one day that my path was going to change to a successful, happy, independent, in control, organized one where I could set goals and achieve them.  So here I am, on that path, with you, dear readers, empowerers, supporters, fellow contributors, egging me along.  You each help me know that this is my truth and it is right and delightful to travel this magic path that I create each day.  

Thank you.  With Love and Blessings,  Crispina


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