The Future is Female (And Male) and On Time

the future is female Apr 09, 2018

This week wraps up a nearly 4 month endeavor here called The Future is Female which kicked off with the new year and my new found focus on creating a future previously only dreamed of.  During this time I have been joined by many amazing female contributors, to whom I feel amazing gratitude.  We have acted as an accountability team and have all been empowered to write and publish our thoughts that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, even by each of us.  Each woman who has contributed their thoughts and images here has helped us all understand that there is magic and connection all around us.  A seemingly random group of women have found connection through me which just lights me right up!  



These last two weeks have presented me with a particular challenge and a deep realization that I suck (or have sucked in the past) at time management.  Time is the trickster (last week’s theme).

For 13 weeks my post day has been Sundays - and as you might (or might not) know, I live on a remote mountainside with less than mediocre internet access.  In all these 13 weeks it has not happened once that my post was scheduled by the end of my workweek on Friday from my studio, where internet access is stellar (and I do my WORK).  

Every. Single. Week. I have rushed around on either Saturday or Sunday, (or both) scrambling to get my post up at my allotted time to set the stage for the rest of the week and my wonderful (patient and understanding) collaborators.  

Today the clear realization of this, and how this lack of forthright focus to tackle time management has haunted me as long as I can remember.  Today is a new day for me.  A straightforward, logical shift is all that is required to prioritize timeliness to the commitments I make.    This task is simple - AND this week’s theme is Simplicity.  I think I’m ready.



In addition to this morning’s epiphany, The Future is Female has taught me that, while the future is certainly female for about 51% of the world’s population, there is another 49% who are excluded by the title I chose for our collaborative column.  Now, taken, I get that there is a super exciting and seemingly global shift happening from a place where men (and especially white men) have been allowed to lead the way for so much of our history.  I support this shift and plan to contribute to its momentum everyday.  It is, however, unfair to say that the future is purely female.  We all know that this is an impossibility.  What is possible and maybe more difficult than a simple exclusionary blanket statement is to take responsibility for the cultural conditioning of our male counterparts to act and be and be allowed to run the show.  As mothers, sisters, wives, and friends, let us encourage and allow our sons, brothers, husbands, and male friends to be in touch with emotions, able to cry, admit wrong-doing and error, find comfort in being primary childcare providers, earning less than their spouses and on and on and on.  Let us not expect to be cared for.  Let us challenge the myth of male/female gender roles to which we have grown accustomed.  Let us raise up our eloquent voices, teaching others to listen by our example, validating our thoughts, contributing to the new age of equality, understanding, acceptance, sharing and kindness.  Let us lead the way to a place where empathy and compassion are the norm.  Where bullying and misogyny are overcome with well heard and welcomed debate, clear and empowered voices speaking kind and unrelenting truth to any bullshit.  Let us not harbor, focus on, or promote divisive behavior.  Let us work toward a place where we are all able, happy, and allowed to be our best selves, sharing our gifts and nurturing each other.  It starts within.  Like my morning’s epiphany, this just doesn’t seem to be all that complicated.  Who’s in?


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