Thanksgiving - Giving Thanks and Acknowledgment

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2018

Thanksgiving week is here! 

It feels a little weird to go headlong into the whole idea of giving thanks for all the awesome in our lives without first nodding to the Native People who’s land we Europeans absconded and then invented this story of harmonious acquisition that we call Thanksgiving.

More than a nod, I would like to acknowledge that indigenous cultures the world over, hold lessons of sustainable survival.  Maybe ‘developed’ cultures of the world can make heartfelt sincere reparations in time to be able to learn from these key holders.  I dream of the day when our indigenous brothers and sisters are world leaders, ruling from a place of planetary harmony and balance. 

11.19.18 hearts.jpg

With that said, I have created an idea of Thanksgiving that works for me.  We celebrate with family and random friends – a real band of creative misfits who cook, dine, imbibe, digest, hike, and make together.  We share connections that are sometimes life-long and sometimes new.  It all takes place in my childhood home where my sister and her family live in Stockbridge, MA, a short drive from our tiny woodland home.  Revelers travel from Boston, NYC and the region gathering for a couple days of rest and fun. Both homes are full of friends sleeping on/in every available space.  In addition to a couple of vegan dishes to share, I always bring along a bunch of supplies to make something as a group.  We used to make a quilt that was gifted to one of the makers upon completion.  This year I’m opting for a simpler project so we can all  take something home that is special, reminding us of our gratitude and the magic of the group gathered on this special day. 

11.19.18 Yarn.jpg

This year we will make ornaments for our winter holiday celebrations.  We will make origami garlands using past pages of The Dolphin Studio calendar, stitched heart ornaments made from recycled clothing, buttons and baubles and who knows what else!  Maybe you are interested in creating a similar, making-aspect to your Thanksgiving?  To help encourage that, we are working on some FREE teaching videos that will post right here in the next couple of days. 

If you want to get started gathering materials, you will need hand sewing needles and thread, yarn, or embroidery floss.  Scissors, a few scrap fabrics in whatever colors you love, and a handful of buttons, beads, +/or other embellishments.    

11.19.18 makeday garlands.jpg

Most of the fabrics we use are found – in the back of the closet (or thrift shop).  It is fun to ask the people you might be celebrating with to bring along a piece of clothing or scrap of fabric they are no longer using to contribute to the pile of materials.  Buttons from a family collection are wonderful to include if available too.  (Part of what we are up to here is building memories!)

For the origami ornaments you will need, a couple yards of yarn, string or floss, a long needle or crochet hook, scotch tape, and some 12” squares of interesting, kind of heavy-weight colorful paper (An old Dolphin Studio calendar page cut in half works perfectly!)

11.14.18 Origami Decs.jpg

 As you prepare for your personal Thanksgiving celebration, whether in a crowd, small group, or alone, there is gratitude to share, love to spread and memories to be made.  We would love to count you in to our memories!  Leave a comment telling us where you will be and if you will be making anything special ~


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