Staying the Course

an embraceable life Jun 10, 2018

My commitment is strong to this new path where there are a whole lot of fresh methods, recently discovered and implemented help and ongoing inspirations leading me along.  It is not often, in my life that I run up against personal pushback but here I am, confronting what might be holding me in this familiar place rather than skipping along the path to my desired paradigm shift.  Seems as though my past holds the key.  Release happens when I allow myself to be vulnerable and share the nitty-gritty about the experiences that have punched me hard in the stomach – and there have been a few.

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I am staying my course and more determined than ever to snip into these blocks and, here, on this blog, release will happen.  My story is long and some of it heavy.  It is hard to know where to begin.  Once the can is opened, it is hard to know where to stop, or how to take a break.  It all just comes flowing out of me in an overwhelming diatribe of sadness and fear. 

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As I embark on this unfolding, this blooming and sharing of the depths of my story, I am not sad, nor fearful, yet those emotions seem to be blocking my ability to move forward.  Those emotions are things that others feel when I speak my truth.  A clear choice was made to live a good life in light and happiness and move beyond the knee-jerk response to my story.   My story has led me to be present, feel great gratitude, and live in simple awareness of everyday beauty.  Blessings bounce into my path each day that unfolds where we have each other to love, hold, celebrate and honor.  While these blessings are truly beautiful, what I seek now are blessings beyond those associated with trauma averted or processed. 

my sister in her nursing home room - home for 15 years

my sister in her nursing home room - home for 15 years

I seek blessings correlated with an environmental paradigm shift, honoring and lifting-up women and others to equal status as our male counterparts. I seek blessings that inspire a solid global mark on the path of humankind on the planet and our relations to each other.  I’m seeking blessings of ‘enough for all’, of mediation, listening, eloquent response, and putting focused attention where it supports all those on the planet without exclusion.  I’m looking to empower a change in human behavior to better support our biosphere and all beings within it – Together we can eradicate hate, judgment, exclusion, violence, war, and unresolvable conflict.  

Lucy, Ben and Violet

Lucy, Ben and Violet

Staying the Course is exciting.  I am game to look right inside, right into my blocks and move them all aside, clearing my path to greatness.  There is important work to be done. 


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