Spiraling Beauty

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2019

Hello my Peeps!

Sorry for the long lapses between posts.  We are in the throes of a studio/home reconfiguration so things are a little out of kilter.  I am super excited to settle in to my new studio which will soon be located just 2 doors down our super heavenly dirt road in the heart of the Massachusetts hilltowns.  Right now my kitchen is full of cardboard boxes and plastic totes full of all our belongings ready to move down the road.  The pod will be delivered tomorrow morning at the current studio so we can load it full of our print shop first followed by the recycled textile studio materials, machinery and fixtures.  This is all super fricken exciting!  It is work, surely, but considering the outcome makes each task a pleasure. 

My hubby who likes to hang back from all things social media related, is a masterful craftsman.  He is a super smart, honest, artful, conservation-minded master plumber, building contractor, and all around able tradesman.  He is heading up the whole renovation project that is our new house.  As this post is written he is down the road ‘babysitting’ the brand new high-efficiency heating system he fired up today for the first time.  Tomorrow very possibly could be our first sleepover in our new home!

Funny how once it starts in earnest, life affirming beauty sort of circles together spiraling out into all facets of life.  While this move is nirvanic for me my business has undergone an outstandingly similar metamorphosis in the last 15 months.  The changes I have seen in business are due to my recent awareness of the importance of open communication and the ability to make true human connection online.  The gratitude I feel for each piece of this magical realization and all the rest of this season of life is deep.  In response to all the listening and learning, all of your speaking, sharing and teaching, I have put together a subscription, or maybe it’s better called a membership for those interest in more connection - Circle. 

Circle is part accountability group, part creative inspiration and part motivation to kick your ass into the perfect place to live the life of your dreams!  You will feel supported, encouraged, and motivated to identify your desired outcome and journey in a positive direction toward that destiny.  Each month I’ll send you a snail mailing with a frame-worthy original, signed and numbered, meaningful, handmade screenprint along with this short list of motivators.  I am super excited to be launching Circle this month!  If you are interested in joining the Circle waiting list, here is a link.  We will be adding members in the coming months as it is clear that we are making positive shift happen together.  I am so inspired to rock this Circle and can’t wait to have you in it!  Together we can make this Circle one of greatness – of blissful empowerment, creative inspiration, with a healthy dollop of high-jinx!  You ready? 


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