Simplicity in Thread by Shari Moraga

the future is female Apr 11, 2018

I began my second career as a fluke. I was nearing the end of a very large job that was anything but simple. I had painted  trompe l'oeil plasterwork and sky on a barreled dining room ceiling, hand painted chinoiserie walls in a powder room, painted the master bedroom with gold and blue for a very simple and elegant harlequin effect and painted the entry way ceiling with gilded fleur de lis.  I was tired, on scaffold for over a few months and very grateful for the creative opportunity. I was also always adding to a mural in my son's room that started out as a nursery with a bare tree with bluebirds. As he grew and asked for more animals, so did the mural. Anyway,  I wanted to give the homeowners a special thank you gift and as they loved to cook and had a stunning kitchen to cook in, I thought I would make them aprons and tea towels. My work, then, was simple. I had started out painting on canvas or tea towels then added stitching for more detail. Soon I realized I didn't need the paint and I could free form embroider.

early days

As I progressed and played around with embroidery only using a straight stitch, my designs started to get more detailed and then the simplicity waned. I love what I do, I could not be more grateful, but I think it is time to bring back the simplicity in my work. 




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