Simplicity by Madeline Stewart

the future is female Apr 12, 2018

Life is an extremely complex web of connections and layers and incredible things we will never understand completely...but it also has a beautiful simplicity to it - patterns and parallels, structure and alignment. It at times seems chaotic, but that lens can be shifted to see the order and experience the calm - and that is an incredible skill to practice.

We each tend to live life in the way that we view it - which for me is an interesting combination of a calm complexity. I can go with the flow and accept change into my life, but there is always so much going on, always more being added to the picture in both quantity and depth.

Sometimes I want to step back, relax, reflect, then do things differently.

I don't always end up allowing that desire to be fulfilled. 

But it is valuable to recognize it, and pull it back into attention from time to time - recognize my own patters, and start seeing them differently in me so they can also become different in the world around as well.

“be the change you want to see in the world”
— Mahatma Gandhi

It is simple, and it is true. We each are a microcosm of the universe - change within ourselves creates the potential for exponential change outwards beyond ourselves.

So, if I am going through life and recognize something I would like to change, I see it as in the interest of both me AND the totality of that around me to act upon that wish.

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In light of keeping simplicity in my life and moving forward with a better alignment to my truth..

I want to be more honest, open, and straightforward - no need for beating around the bush, worrying over my wording, or not speaking up out of fear of inadiquacy.

I believe that by speaking up, over time I will find my voice. I believe that as I express my ideas, more depth will be discovered. There is so much more value in the experience of trying than in the stagnancy of concern.

I want to connect ideas with action, and travel a path of growth. 

There are so many experiences to have in this world, and I want to step up to the challenge, embrace difference, and contribute to the disruption of the illusion that what has been is how it should be, or that what is easiest is whats best. 

Simplicity does not mean Easy.

and I am excited to see what comes next.

Pocket Object Project -  Website ,  Instagram

Pocket Object Project - Website, Instagram

Thank you for following along with these 12 weeks of the Future is Female blog posts! I am so grateful for all the wonderful little and big things that have come out of this experience, and I believe much more lays ahead!

Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating in the Pocket Object Project, as I plan to continue this after graduating (in exactly 1 month)!

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