Sharing My "Secret" Blanket Making Process

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2019

Hi There

You been asking me for years how to make my blankets and honestly, I am a little hesitant to go spreading my technique all around but have decided to just bite the bullet and share!  The hesitation comes mostly because there is no secret to my making process and anyone who makes stuff can see how my blankets are constructed with a minute of scrutiny.  

So, my friend, it is not an easy process, it is actually quite difficult to get the kind of finish that I am a die-hard stickler for.  All aspects of my blanket making process are challenging.  It is more and more difficult to find knitted wool garments in the thrift flow. 

The vast majority of sweaters available are synthetic and the finish that I am shooting for requires high quality materials – all natural, animal fiber that shrink to perfection.  They must not be too densely felted but just the right amount to hold a firm cut edge and drape nicely.  I’ll be posting instructions on how I wash and dry the sweaters I use for blankets under the new Tips navigation here on my site. 

While you scour the thrift shops for sweaters in the colors you want to make a blanket with, I’ll be over here working on an in depth course covering all aspects of my blanket making process.  It won’t be ready til fall at the earliest as there are so many super exciting things going on around here!  Right now the shop is FULL of the most amazing heart blankets to date!  Check them out for inspiration now cause they are only online until February 7th at midnight EST.

Scroll down and leave a comment – tell me if you are interested in an online Blanket Making Course – or if you would rather come to my studio for a weekend retreat.

Plus, ROCK your Sunday!


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