Self Discipline - The Anecdote to Distraction

the future is female Feb 19, 2018


Week 6 – The Future is Female – Theme – Distractions          

YIKES Where to begin???

This post was really hard for me, and having written three conflicting versions I came to realize that my life is a long string of distractions.  We can blame social media for the brunt of them – that’s easy and Social Media are actually only a small segment of my personal issue.  I mean knitting is a distraction, making cookies another, answering the door at my studio, incoming emails, the list is long and mostly full of super fun and satisfying projects.  Rather than name, criticize, rant and fist wave, it seems more productive for me to use this space to clearly identify where my attention needs to be to actualize my goal of financial independence in a simpler life.  

2017-01-14 14.26.02.jpg

Not exactly clear on what keeps me from getting these posts scheduled in plenty of time to make my weekends smoother.  Not sure why I work so hard all week (and weekend) and still seem to have so many tasks unfinished, or really unstarted in most cases.  What is that about?  Is it about being female?  Is it about always feeling like I’m not accomplishing enough? Each week since this pilot started I have assured myself that the next week will be different, my post will be written and uploaded and scheduled before the end of Friday allowing me that elusive great weekend exhale.  I have attributed my lack of ability to acheive this so far, to my adult life characteristic of having too many irons in the fire, too many ongoing projects. too much fun to be had.  These last 12 months I have been actively removing large responsibilities from my self-demand yet the frenzied pace and disjointed lack of flow persists. 

I am working on it!

I am working on staying clear on my full-tilt, hell bent, path to financial freedom.  I hear and read advice that my path forward should involve change, change in outlook, method, and mindset.  I hear and read that the universe will show me the way - but I am impatient! I bet that I am flailing around, doing things to feel forward motion when maybe what I need to be doing is sitting in stillness, listening, allowing.  This week I will check that out - I will sit in silence every day for 10 minutes.  I will make a schedule for my week and stick to it.  It will take all the self-discipline I can muster but I am committed and now accountable to you, here, to DO THIS!

2004-02-04 03.37.14.jpg

This week I will continue on my morning commitment to 10 minutes of meditation to bring me into now and focus my day.  I will continue on my brand new daily home yoga practice with help from  I will build self-discipline to keep me on my path.  Seems so easy from here.  Oh and those awesome, tasty, fun-filled, creative distractions?  Those will be allowed and encouraged once my commitments toward my goal have been completed.

This is a change.  Let’s see how the outcome looks as time ticks into the next weeks.

Thanks for being a part of this journey into my power.  Hope my path helps you along yours. 


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