Seeds for Inspiration by Madeline Stewart

future is female Jan 06, 2018

Hello! My name is Madeline Stewart and I like to climb trees


I feel free with the air swirling and open views from all sides. It is refreshing to be in a space where the birds and squirrels hang out, while humans walk past obliviously, if at all.

I am a creature who gets really close to the ground to check out colorful grains of sand among miniature moss forests. I am a chaser of sunsets, climbing high to extend the distance of passing light.

I am starting to find ways to share these joys and explorations, which is part of why I am writing here today.

I have just embarked on the final months of my Undergraduate career in Glass Art at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In approximately two and a half months, my Thesis Show will be displayed, followed by graduation a month after. I am stepping nearer to a major transitional period in my life…but before I get there, I am immersed in this home stretch of completing my Thesis; the accumulation of four big years of exploration, discovery, and creation.


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