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the future is female Feb 22, 2018

Ok - So I had written a post, then it somehow disappeared; although I was pretty sure I saved it in two different locations... Then I wrote another one on my cellphone with bits and pieces here and there coming to me throughout the day...

Now it is 6 am on my post day...

It is also critique day - Art school crazyness time where I have hardly slept in the last few days, and I just arrived home 20 minutes ago, now to sleep for a few hours before critique begins.

So I've decided to briefly tie my current situation into this week's topic - distractions.

Then I will sleep, and come back here later and add a few more words. I appreciate your understanding <3


My first post was actually all about how the "distractions" in my life are what I live for - wandering away from the routine life engagements, walking around with my gaze towards the top of anything around...That is where I find joy, and where I recharge my energy to keep going with everything I want and need to do.

Now, after spending the past ~48 hours in the studio to complete my project for it's deadline...I think I need to reconsider some of the distractions I let pull me away from the obligations in my life. (or reconsider my obligations...more to come on that)

A friend asked me yesterday if I was in this situation because I took on really challenging projects, or if I procrastinate. The answer is both - but more accurately that I take on 5 projects at once, then decide to do something else inspired by those with one week until the deadline.

I get distracted by having 2309487398102948 things going on at once...but it's also a major part of how I function. Even today at the studio - I had components of my project in progress in 5 different studio rooms, plus the hallway for installation, all at once.

I make that work....but it just doesn't function as well when other people are involved/around, or with deadlines.

But that is life... or so it seems. Does it need to be? I think that's a question I'll be considering soon. But for now, I need to go sleep.

Australia Adventures

To be continued. Thanks for bearing with me <3

With Love,



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