Ready, Ready, and Ready by Damaris Obi

the future is female Mar 29, 2018

This week has really been a wonderful one for me. Just when I was going the slide of allowing 2018 to pass me by, things began to fall into place! 

I think the most inspiring thing for me was myself and the progress that I have made in terms of my body and my lifestyle. For so long I have lacked the confidence I have wanted to see within myself. So I quit crying, I got up and I started working out, I changed my diet, I got a new job and I have been working my butt off to see the change in myself I want to see.

Listen, it’s been HARD. I have thought about giving up multiple times, I have sat on the floor sweating and defeated. But the most crippling thought of all was going back. Giving into the procrastination and my life and my old eating habits. So I have pushed and pushed and PUSHED. I am not ashamed to say I am proud of myself. I am not ashamed to say that come this summer I will be showing off all of my hard work. The confidence that comes with loving and actually taking care of yourself inside and out is outstanding. It takes hard work like all beneficial things in life. It takes not making excuses and putting up the effort to fight for yourself because you deserve it. I am feeling ready and wonderful and so amazing. I AM worth it! 



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