Progressing Towards My Future by Siobhan Rodgers

the future is female Jan 26, 2018

Each morning I wake up, ready to start the day. My weekdays start off early. Either starting my mornings with class, or helping Crispina out at the studio. My days continue with schoolwork, playing ukulele, skiing, yoga, meditating, knitting, painting, writing, exploring. Each day I am progressing towards goals I have set for myself even if I am unaware of the process in its works. 

Each time I go to Berkshire Community College for class, I am progressing towards getting my degree in hopes for a better future. I am progressing to push myself to transfer to a 4 year school in the fall. I work on getting good grades so I can get more financial aid. I am showing myself my limits. How much can I handle on my plate at one time

Each time I go skiing, go to the gym, hiking, practice yoga, and meditating I am working on my mental health. I am escaping from the stressful routine of school. I am releasing. Healing even. Pushing and forcing myself to balance my needs to fit my busy lifestyle. 



Each time I work on my art, knit, paint, wire wrap, draw, I am progressing my creativity. When I was in high school, I didn’t know what it was like to be creative. Of course I took art classes and enjoyed them, but I had never understood how satisfying it was to create something. I am slowly growing into my creative shoes. I am trying different approaches to it. They are merely hobbies at this point, but they make me happy. It makes me happy to be able to knit all my friends hats and scarves. It makes me happy to be able to paint or make mom jewelry to give to her. Art makes me happy. I would love to have more time for my creative processes. In the meantime it is something I am filling into the free time I have. Although I don’t have much, I am still showing progress. 



Each time I pick up my ukulele I am improving. I was taught the basics of the instrument but the rest I taught myself by just picking up the instrument. Playing Uke gives me the same escape that my art does just in a different way. I teach myself different riffs and crazy little songs about random things. I have fun with it. Uke helps me express different things I am feeling. Writing quirky little songs about random things make me happy and makes me feel better. I am working on singing and playing uke and I want to be able to learn guitar soon. Right now it is still something I am working on I am still a beginner. I go to open mic’s to watch, to scared to play. I am showing progress though and a goal is to be able to perform at an open mic. Slowly working towards this goal with everything else that is going on. 

Each time I write. Writing has given me something I cant describe in words. I have always kept journals. A Place to write my thoughts. A place to put my mind straight. A place to express. A place to put things in perspective. My writing has improved through this blog, my classes, and my journals. Writing is something I can carry with my through my life. Writing will help me become a better person. I continue to work on my writing. Using different forms, different vocabulary, and learning through other writers. I still have a lot to learn but I have a base for something that could grow. 


Damn I have a lot going on. I am progressing slowly to become the best person I can be. I am proving to myself that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the time and work for it. If you want something bad enough it will come to you. My life is crazy right now. I am learning what it means to be me. My likes, my dislikes. Through my crazy life I am progressing. Even though it doesn’t always feel that way. I am growing and learning everyday from the world around me. Progress is a goal. 


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