Not Always Seen, But Still Can Be Known by Madeline Stewart

the future is female Mar 22, 2018

This glass piece is part of a 13 week project from two years ago. After 13 weeks, with 4 simple steps before the larger object (a microscope/kaleidoscope) was complete, the whole piece smashed on the floor. This component was separate at the time, and therefore did not break along with the rest. After a few months of it sitting around, I decided to put a loop on it and wear it as a pendent. Now, I often wear it daily – it is a beautiful little reminder of impermanence, progression, and of disasters that within have the potential for future benefits. This pendent has become a conversation piece on many occasions, and it’s story has allowed me to rediscover its meaning and purpose time and time again.

Like the many weeks of work, plans and love put into the overall project, life can seem like it is playing out it’s purpose through the ‘main body of work’…but it might be something else, a component, or a side effect of the engagements…

For the past 22 years, I have developed many components that create my self.

There have been times when I’ve crashed and burned, and times that have been incredible beyond belief. At this moment, I am sensing a personal shift into the Feminine, and I am excited for the changes and discoveries it will bring.

I want to connect with Mother and experience Sisterhood. I want to learn from the Female Strength and Wisdom that Beautifies and Supports this world. 

In my Future, I will create and embrace opportunities for self-improvement, and allow myself to at times (not forever I suppose) live in (or at least experience) my personal realm…I think up until now there have been restrictions on that possibility…

What I mean – I want to fall asleep when I am tired and wake with the end of sleepiness. I want to explore and create for the sake of creating, imagining, and seeing the beauty and magic of the world. I want to express myself whole heartedly. I want to be my full authentic self.

I think what I need in order for that to occur, first, is to complete school. Maybe it isn’t even about school itself, it is about the work within school – I need to complete my projects. 

I am almost there. That is what I am working on. Right now, I am moving forwards, not always as quickly as I my ideal, but always moving towards the Future that I envision

As I progress, I aim to embrace that which comes my way – in my Female Future I will stand strong, connect dots, see beauty, and create with love.

When I opened my eyes, a hawk flew in within 10 feet - Photo by Serge

Until Next Week <3

Madeline Stewart


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