My Mission Within

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2018


My mission is to be the best mother, wife, sister, friend, business partner, artist, activist and empower-er that I can be.  For this to work I need to make enough money to cover my daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses, while planning work/travel adventures and saving for retirement. 

I drive a lot.  We live in a cozy cabin on a dirt road 30 minutes drive from pretty much everywhere - the grocery store, the kids’ schools, and my studio. I listen to audiobooks in my car.  Because our sweet home is remote, internet service is spotty at best.  When I find myself in places with a strong signal I download books on the fly.  Sometimes I don’t have time to poke around to find the perfect ‘read’ so find an available audiobook on my trusty free library app called Overdrive.  A month or so ago, I stumbled across a title that popped out at me called You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero.  Initially it seemed a bit flippant and cornball – maybe not the perfect read but better than the radio at least. 

Later that day as I dropped off my youngest and her carpool buddy at school, I hesitantly began to listen, wondering if I could get through a chapter without resorting to commercial radio en route to my studio. Less than a chapter in I was bowled over with excited inspiration!   With this new-found motivation I started this group and began to seriously document my personal mission.

My mission begins with regaining control of my life by being organized, planning, budgeting, and allowing myself financial freedom. 

I am letting go of what I have termed ‘Human Guilt’- the guilty feeling associated with participation in a culture using natural resources at an irreplaceable rate.  The idea that I have more than most people and am not worthy of financial gains has added to my stagnation and has also been put down and exchanged for new positive financial truths. 

It feels freeing to see and acknowledge these limitations that set my past and choose to walk away from that place of inactivity.  Seeing clearly how to create order from what has felt out of control and chaotic brings great joy!

Puts a little hop in my step!

I feel excited, like never before about the idea of getting rich and in doing so being able to share the path to sustainability and empowerment with clarity and a louder voice.  Its making me feel like a college student rapt with an eagerness to grow and learn.  Hours pass with study of my new path with momentum building and light energy flowing.  Contrary to unconscious belief, richness does not predispose me (or anyone else) to being an asshole.  Great richness allows freedom, options, an ability to share and be generous.   My newly articulated and focused mission has already brought me ease and increased comfort knowing that all my bases are well covered, and things are in good order.  I’s dotted, T’s crossed, Ducks in a row.

The Future is Female column shared here, still in its infancy, has already showered me with the power of human connection.  Our sum is so much greater than the total of each part.  It is with immeasurable gratitude for my 6 co-contributors that I feel so empowered, accountable, and light.  In these days of great global anguish, of so many questions and unknowns, and what sometimes seems like insurmountable global suffering let me just tell you that we women are making some powerful, positive, human-based, loving, kind, thoughtful changes.  It all starts within. My mission is to focus there for a while.   


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