My Future Female / Your Future Female by Shari Moraga

the future is female Mar 20, 2018

Crispina ffrench/Galway/2017

John ffrench candlesticks

Men:  “Oh, pause.”

Just sometimes.  A step back now and again.


Menopause, she is a doozy; she is in (and of) my present and near future female.

But I refuse to let her take over. Hahahahahaha.

I may sweat A LOT, I may not sleep well, I may get a touch moody, I may be gaining weight even though I am not overeating…  Ah, but I am happy, so there is that.

I stay away from estrogen/hormone replacement therapy because my mother died of estrogen related cancer.

I have found other ways to combat symptoms, some suggested by naturopaths, some by friends, some by my GYN and some I have stumbled upon when least expecting it.

The most recent one actually gave me THE BEST night’s sleep in a year and was one of the stumbled upon ones. I slept all night, didn’t even get up to use the bathroom  or gulp a quart of water, didn’t have to turn on the fan or throw off the blankets.  AND it was, you could say, multi cultural.

Last night was St. Patrick’s Day; I had worked a trunk show all day and was exhausted. Our son was sleeping at a friend’s house. Towards the end of the day it was planned that some friends were going to come for dinner when I returned from Parker, a town south of Denver, about an hour away from Boulder.  I didn’t want to have to cook or clean so the six of us decided we would order in.

Before we decided on food, I decided I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in honor of one of my best friends, Crispina ffrench, her father, John, whose candlesticks beautify my dining room and my grandfather, Leo, who’s from Poland, resided in South America before moving to the US, has not a lick of Irish in him, but was born on March 17th.  I asked my husband to run out and grab some Guinness (sadly nothing like having from the mother’s teat in Ireland) and some Jameson.

Car bombs - away.

Dinner was decided upon. Indian food. We brought in saag, tandoori, masala, korma.


So there you have it, Irish drink, Indian food. I slept better than a baby.  I have not tried it again as I don’t drink that much. But when I do drink, I still wake in the night with menopausal symptoms- so I know that good bourbon or scotch is not doing the trick.

But leave it to the luck of the Irish…and Indian.

I am embracing the change. What else can you do?


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