My Female Future by Donna Motta

the future is female Mar 23, 2018

Photo Credit:Donna Motta

Wrought in dark, warm depth.

Creature of great beauty,



Liquid matrix...

home of origin—

Not permanence.


Painful Boredom,

Even then,

I remember thee well.




Lover of cyclic rhythm.


Great, great Maternal Grands


Assigned strand...

With all its accompanying baggage.


Blessings and curses

Passed along- line upon line,

From days before.

Maternal Grand, and me!


Codes compressed, zipped...

Linked into my flesh, my bones,

My matrix.


Connected to my mothers.

Girls from all ends of

This earth.


Tears of loss,

Screams of ecstasy,

Sweat of labor...


Moments of sweet sleep,

Unwilling matrimony,

Land loss... ships wrecked.


Mom and Dad with son who passed soon after...

Alcoholic husbands,

Red clay fields,

Humid Florida Swamps.


Cold Boston streets,

Cobble stones of England as well,

Scotland’s mist.


Ireland’s hungry green,

13 children,

Then death at 38.



To me...

To my here.


Mom, writer, nurse, teacher, artist, musician, thinker, wife, healer, patient, daughter,

Advocate, friend...



Photo Credit: WordXWord

Donna Motta- Poetry With The Poet: at The Mount

To you daughters...

To your there.


I still hold that same restlessness.

That need to run,

To break out... to live.


I give it over to you.

Do not stay in your box...

In your cell.

Photo Credit: WordXWord

Faith- Poetry at The Mount

eldest daughter


Do not hear,

Do not bear—

“It’s not for you.”



you must fight.

You must breathe.

All my time to think,

To feel ,

Within my dark womb...


Only to burst forth,

With war cry

In fisted rage...


Was not in vain.


You see daughter,

On this earth,

One must strive...


In travail,

In pain,

Yes... also in great joy!!


Were it not for joy,

Would we yet,

Begin again?


My Female Future

Photo Credit: Dave Motta

Poetry for MLK Day of Service

Photo Credit: Faith Motta

Hope the Great!

Is uncertain...


Yet , within that question,

is my certainty indeed.


Everyday the sun rises,

My future is ironically safe,

Within the Son Himself.


With hearts encircled...

To spend another day.

A gift to me, to gift away.

Much love,

Photo Credit: Donna Motta

“Eagle Street on Church Slate“-

Laurel Joy Graceson

Photo Credit: Donna Motta


(Laurel Joy Graceson)




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