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Uncategorized Jan 14, 2019
Now that we are two weeks into the New Year, it is a good time to assess your path. 

Are you off to the start of the New Year you had in mind a couple weeks ago?  If not, why? Do you need a little redirection or refocus?  Maybe your new path is in a direction better than you could have ever imagined or maybe you are just where you want to be – no matter, I am so glad you are here and I hope you will share a comment at the bottom of this post telling us a little bit about the path you are on and your ‘destination’, if you will.

 For the last few months I have been obsessed with checking in with my friends, fans, and followers to learn what it is that they find interesting and follow-worthy about my company and me.  One thing I learned is that there is a lot of interest in how I got started with my business and what feeds my creative energy. 

In the next couple weeks my team and I are putting together a whole bunch of free content addressing your questions in this area.  Our first free teaching video will be ready by the end of this week, if all goes as planned, and there are a couple more awesome freebies planned to release before February arrives. 

 In preparation for all that, I thought you might want to know what is going on around the studio. 

As the year kicked off we began offering hand printed cards in the snail mail as a welcome to new members of the email list.  This simple gesture resulted in mailing list growth like I have never seen!  It is so exciting and a little intimidating at the same time!  There are literally twice as many of you wonderful inspiring people joining me here! One of the best things is, that as people join us I am able to learn about them too with a handy little introduction survey I set up.  You should take if you haven’t already!  For years I have kind of winging content subject matter here and with all of the input I have been getting recently my job has become so much easier!  Thank you to each of you who have taken your sweet and valuable time to fill me in on what makes you tick!  Please keep the flow of communication coming with comments and suggestions as we go!

I am learning that you love to make things, you wonder how I started my business, you would like to work to protect our environment and you love to have fun.  Let me just tell ya, you are in the right place!

This week we are working on our art/card for February.  Did you get your January edition?  I would love to see pictures of you with your print if you did!  Feel free to email them to me or post on our social media platforms listed at the bottom of the page.  Before you go to the trouble of doing all that let me just say, that there is a free-give away happening as a reward for sharing stuff – check it out so you can get your name in the hat as many times as you can!  If you are not on our mailing list and join now you will get one in the mail as a thank-you.  If you are already on the list and have been for a really long time, THANK YOU! You are the reason I am even here!  We are planning a mailing to show our deep appreciation and reason to celebrate for late winter with an image you are going to LOVE.  Stay tuned for that!

There is this great energy buzzing around the studio with a whirr of activity as Kip, our printshop manager, whips up fresh images for art/cards, original posters, and Dolphin Studio calendar test prints for our 2020 edition.  Colors are being mixed, screens are being made, new paper inks and techniques to experiment with!  Winter is super fun in the printshop ~

On the other side of the room, sewing machines are humming right along as Leslie stitches and I curate the most amazing batch of heart themed blankets we have seen in years.  I think there will be a dozen, one of a kind, recycled wool blankets to choose from.  It is exciting to have such a rich collection ready all at once.  We will be posting them for sale beginning on February 1.  People love my heart blankets!  They always go fast so if you are in the market for something super special to keep or to gift, this might be the only batch this year!  They make the most appreciated and gorgeous wedding, baby shower, and house warming gifts out there!

Material collection for our 2019 Heart Garlands and Heart Garland Kits are in the house!  This week and next we are preparing the 100% recycled fabrics, ironing, cutting and curating awesome kits and making a brand new teaching video releasing next week.  This year our focus is on the intentionality aspect of the process.  Let me help you identify and attain what you are striving for in your life.  The best part of it all is that it is super FUN to cut up old clothing!  Something super empowering about pretty much every aspect of the process.  So, while my team is busily working away on the varied aspects of what we design together, I am uber focused on bringing you closer to the life of your dreams by unleashing your creativitiy and opening your mind to see possibility where none was seen in the past.  Come see what I am talking about on Friday as our first in the series of free tutorials releases.  Kinda want to leave most of it a surprise but you might want to start collecting materials from your recycle bin that are brightly colored and easy to cut with scissors.

Are you excited to make some life progress?  Scroll down and leave a comment telling me about your greatest accomplishment or a little bit about the path you are on and your desired ‘destination’.

 Thanks so much for being a part of the magic around here!


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