Mission Possible By Suzie Banks Baum

the future is female Jan 11, 2018

My mission on Rising Forth is to unmask creative fertility through daily practice.

I teach personal narrative writing, rooted in the insight that is gained by daily journal writing. I teach book making as a way to build a beautiful container for that daily writing. The book art and mixed media collages I make lift ordinary beauty in to a new form, using found materials and reflections on nature to ground my creations in the real.


My mission on Rising Forth to honor your creative well-spring, to encourage you to believe that it is sacred, to help you experience it as your best resource, and to then provide you with a platform to share the gifts that will rise forth as a result of you honoring it in return. Using the tools of writing, art making, movement and ritual, I do this through classes and workshops taught in the Berkshires and in other places.


But, I think there is a deeper mission at work in my life that shapes the way I live, not just the way I do business.


I have been a maker my whole life.

For as long as I can remember, I am happiest when in creative response to real life.

I don't live in my dreams. I don't solve big problems with complicated solutions.


My mission, as a human, is to listen and to respond.


Beyond all the trappings of organic or hand made or local, of Michigan or Berkshires or theatre or service or books, of daily writing or poetry or Coptic Stitch bindings or Louise Erdrich poems or Naomi Shihab Nye or Terry Tempest Williams or Mary Oliver, beyond laundry or ice skating or the Moon or the oak, of gooseberry chutney or blueberry jam or swimming in rivers or seed saving or raising children or burying parents or writing letters or corresponding with art, or of interviews or photographs or travel near or far, or of sewing my clothing or mending what is broken, I listen.


And then, I respond.


My responses are varied, some take many months to complete. Others I post on Instagram, instantly. I am a multi-talented creative. It says so in my bio.

This has defined the way I have worked in every single job I have ever held and every single day I have ever lived.


So, if you were looking at my website wondering what I am all about, you'd see mothering, and daily practice, and hand bound books and cultural diplomacy.

But if I am sitting across from you in a coffee shop or at a party, and you are making your own assessment about what my mission, I hope you'd find that listening and responding are more readily seen than all the rest.


My first mission is to be a humane human.

Everything else is my response.


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