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the future is female Mar 30, 2018

My Thesis Exhibition is in exactly one month and I am so excited to share these projects and creations with everyone who is able to come! I am loving how they are still making my heart sing many months into the process <3


I am thoroughly impressed at how things are going at the moment. Two years ago I never thought things could be how they are today. 

Over the past four years of my undergraduate BFA in Glass Art I've faced countless obstacles of imbalance in many forms - from too much and too little academic work (or interest), focus on my self versus the others in my life, learning of my interests and how to mesh that with the requirements (and perceived requirements) of living in this time, and so much more.

As I hop around these areas of life, I find that as one thing starts to align, I become aware of other cogs that aren't turning as well.

How smooth things are moving at this point...I never thought could be. How long will it last? Not sure - but at least now I know it exists and I believe it can be rediscovered if ever lost again.

Photo Cred, Serge

Photo Cred, Serge

I feel I have tapped into an infinite source of rejuvenating energy. Something that exists at all points in time, although isn't always time for it's presence to be felt.

It seems to stem from an acceptance of limitations, while simultaneously keeping an open mind to any possibility.

Also, it is taking everything as part of the journey, as a component of the whole that has its place and purpose. Every occurrence, whether a challenge of a blessing, is contributing to growth and expansion over time. 

There are constant opportunities to be recharged by the thought that whatever is happening is part of the web of connections - There is endless opportunity to fill in the color by numbers of life (including pulling out a new medium to add details on top, or coating a section in paint to create something completely fresh!)

Project from high school I came across in my google docs images

Project from high school I came across in my google docs images

As Spring arrives, I am finding myself more able to see the progress from this year, and better equipped to step outside and breath in the reawakening of nature. 

I know everything is flowing in to place day by day as I put more things together. I know I have time to stop and breath - do some handstands, get back up in the trees, hang out with friends, meet new people, and make more food..always more food!

With my Thesis Exhibition right around the corner, I am feeling surprisingly calm and ready to finish strong both academically, and with the things that feed by mind, body and soul.

I hope everyone is finding time to soak in the mix of the coolness with sunshine before the heat rolls in.

With Love <3



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