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the future is female Mar 08, 2018

The Object at Origins of Entropy, Australia

This image contains a few magically wonderful things -

The memory of the music festival where my artistic practice shifted into the position it currently stands today - a socially engaged exploration of connections and planting seeds of inspiration to see how they grow.

The Object that sparked the Pocket Object Project and my other current Thesis works - a piece that was designed with connections in mind; the idea that every individual point, atom, whatever thing it is, is connected in some way to all others. The concept truly took form, unexpectedly, when The Object was introduced to others. It became more than an inanimate piece of glass - it started to take on a range of roles and purposes, it evoked memory and inspired me to create a project that has now been active for 10 months.

And the image also has a hidden treasure - a tree at the top of a mountain that can barely be seen in the blurry distance. A representation of love, wonder and magic from that weekend, when I left the festival with a few friends to journey off into the distance to reach that tree, to climb that tree, to manifest our desires.

This image and its contents represent the process by which I most strongly connect to when envisioning my life, and the future of what I would like to create.

I believe that if I follow my desires, even if it doesn't seem like the best timing (like attending a music festival the weekend before an assignment is due, or climbing a mountain half way through a festival weekend even though everyone thinks it is too far away), the path will unfold and bring adventure, discovery and joy along the way. The future I envision is one that manifests through my passion for exploration, creation and connection - that develops and changes over time as I encounter new avenues of possibility....this is how I envision my future. But...

Right now things are a little different. Or at least they feel different, and I am allowing that to completely change the way I'm maneuvering through this time.

I have my Thesis Exhibition in a few weeks, I have art projects to finish, other assignment to complete, and a whole range of non-academic life stuff to do that are keeping me on my toes...I'm in need of a different way of pulling things together, and not just moving from one thing to the next, or gliding along the trails.

So - I've created a personal Board of Manifestations.

One of the best To Do lists I've ever seen was that of a friend who titled it his Board of Manifestations. I like that way of looking at responsibilities -To consider something you want, then step by step materialize it into existence

Better than any regular To Do list - I feel empowered and motivated to manifest that which I envision. I know what I need to do, I see it, and it is creating this fascinating scenario of structure...structure! Oh the changes that are occurring in my life...

I am a very go with the flow kind of person...I thrive on adventure and impulse (in the best kind of ways). If I didn't have the commitment of school on my plate right now...I'd be so ready to take off and see where the wind leads me. I love to explore and let one thing flow into the next...but this can be challenging when there are deadlines and assignments and requirements that must be fulfilled...

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia - Photo Cred: Arcadia Study Abroad

So, for now I will go with this flow.

It is interesting for me to be experiencing this growth of organization in my life, and how it feels so good! I love these kinds of changes - the unexpected and wonderful, that feel like development, a step in a constructive direction.

Maybe when I graduate I can mesh these two worlds and see how it evolves. (maybe something will come together and I'll realize I don't need to be pushing myself as hard as I am...who knows...maybe it is all perfect in whatever way it is)

With Love,



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