Making Peace with Perfection by Jayme June

the future is female Apr 14, 2018

For a good long while I've wanted to start a blogging business. My main 9-5 gig is in digital marketing for a $40 billion company so I definitely have the confidence to say that I know what I'm doing in this space. I lead a healthy lifestyle, it's picturesque and there's a lot of good style, adventure and beauty going on pretty much everyday. Bottom line: there's good content there and I know how to market (aka monetize it). But something has been holding me back! And I finally realized what it was the other day: perfectionism. Part of me is totally terrified of not being perfect. 

I am really interested in this whole layering smoothie thing that's taking over Instagram lately. I'd pretty much put my whole life in a Vitamix if I could so I love the idea of coming up with new - super healthy and jacked up - recipes. So I set out to create one of my own. I took a little mix of Goop, Alison Wu and Purely Kaylie and made an awesome combo of cashew cream and nice dream and layered them up! 


At first, though, because they layers weren't all perfect and I didn't have these crazy toppings for it (like dragon fruit balls and fruit cut into star shapes) I was seriously questioning whether or not I should post this thing. I mean What. The. Eff. The struggle is real! I was actually questioning the worthiness of a picture of a smoothie. OMG. Just typing that makes me cringe. Because the thing is Goop has a staff of food stylists and Alison and Kaylie's full time job is Instagram - so I'm kind of in a different ball park right now and it's easy to get intimidated! Plus this was my first attempt at this EVER so I was feeling a little vulnerable about the whole thing. It feels easy to judge myself when every other image is edited to the moon and back.

So - I'm trying to turn over a new leaf with my blogging venture and Instagram life - loosen the reigns a little bit - allow things to be more 'real' and less 'staged'. Celebrate how freakin' raw life is - because in my opinion that's what really connects us. The rawness of this whole experience. 

A celebrity that I follow on the gram posted a pic of herself crying in bed last Sunday. She was just overcome and couldn't do it - and felt sad and worn down. It was my favorite thing she's ever posted! So there is realness in the madness - the tides are turning and who knows, maybe I can help the momentum and together we can all help social media be a little less perfect.


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