Let Me Introduce Myself - Damaris Obi

the future is female Mar 07, 2018


Lately that word has been the one I have found that best describes me. Growing up in this era of resistance, change, and transition has illustrated to me the obsession this culture has with labels.

I have been given the label of minority, Black, woman, young adult, person of color, and many many others. All of these labels has been used in one way or another to undermine my voice and my message. I am here to take them back.

My name is Damaras. I grew up fascinated with books and the other worlds I psychologically got to escape too since reality wasn’t good enough for me. Somewhere along the lines I discovered my passion for singing, and in high school, acting knocked on my door and changed my life. I thought I was in love with “too many” things and found myself attempting to narrow down my passions to just one (oh the irony).

Until my parents told me that I had no choice but to get a degree, because without it, I would never make it in the world. I decided that all my passions were just fine thank you very much, and I dropped out of college and took on the world.

Now, I explore, I travel, I live. I educate myself by challenging my thoughts and opinions through speaking to others who are different then me, experiencing different foods and cultures, and broadening my perspective regarding this world.

Along the way labels still find me. Radical, liberal, conservative, “free”, sell out, dreamer. (I actually don’t mind that last one), and many others. I defy them now, and I find myself in the midsts of mentally attempting to unhook myself from the chains this world continues to place on me. I figure I should be able to to see the light if I break down enough walls. I guess I’ll have to keep digging to find out. 


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