Learning Curves and Hiccups

Uncategorized May 25, 2019

What a Week!

Wowsers ~

This past week I launched my very first full-on online course – my Potholder Rug Lab and it was AmAzbALLz!  For the next 5 weeks the awesome group of brave and crafty people who signed on will be in the thick of learning every last detail of my process.  At the same time, I’ll be in the thick of staying three steps ahead of them providing engaging, fun content to convey all of my experience in 5 modules and help my students get their desired results.

During the process of making the class and getting it out into the world there were a few hiccups which are to be expected but are, never-the-less, just a little FRusTrAtInG!

As I dive into the wild world of online teaching, I am working hard to develop a clear, fun, and targeted presence with my website and supporting social media platforms.  This is where your comments and feedback are so super-helpful!  (Please leave a comment below and let me know how I am doing, constructive criticism is always appreciated!)

My desire is to be sure that our marketing is going to all my sweet followers who WANT it.  And maybe even more importantly, that our marketing is NOT going out to all you lovely people out there who DON’T want it.  I get it!  The volume of inbox information is daunting at best and sometimes less IS really more!

If you know me you might realize that I am not the best at planning my calendar and this week was real proof of that – with NO time allowed for a learning curve!  Hence the hiccups!  We were sending out emails to our entire tribe (most of whom had not signed on for the info), we sent scheduled emails out at the wrong times and even sent a handful of correspondence out all AT THE SAME TIME!  Yeek! 

So this week was amazing!  I learned a whole ton, not the least of which was editing my first video. In addition, I made a few mistakes along the way.  The most amazing thing about all the mistakes is that you are awesome!  You signed up and are willing to help me through this ‘first time’ experience with grace and understanding.  There were no complaints, nobody dropped out, nobody seemed to be annoyed.  So thank you.  I am so grateful for your kind patience while I work out the kinks on this end.

I am excited by the opportunity to provide a little silliness and good humor in my content rich teaching.  I’m super-stoked about the video editing process allowing me to conjure up videos that match my aesthetic and clearly disseminate helpful information.  Team Crispinaffrench is learning a whole new online platform and process to bring you lots of learning opportunities and better connection as we move into summer and beyond.  It is a new process and mindset and we are all amped up and ready to share.  It is up to each of us to take meaningful action and make the world a better place for ourselves and our great great grand-babies.  Are you in?  Let’s get recycling!

Scroll down and leave a comment about a recycling process you are digging right now. And thanks again for hanging in with me while we muddle through. Happy Weekend!


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