Keep it Simple by Donna Motta

the future is female Apr 13, 2018

I  am guilty!

Photo Credit: Donna Motta

Why do I try to overcomplicate everything? Sometimes, to just sit back, and let things just be… is really the answer.

I always see this in hindsight. My prayer is that I will begin to be mindful of this process while I’m in the heat of it all!

 There is too much life to enjoy, to love and live without wasting precious moments with worrying… fretting… bickering… petty jealousies.


Photo Credit: Donna Motta

The irony of life: zealous energy of youthful fire, never matches the seasoned, sometimes slower grace of older years. And that is a beautiful thing.

Even in that, I believe I have potential to become anxious. Neither stage is better: both offer beauty, and potential. Both offer incredible opportunities to grow and learn, embracing a constant flux of new changes.

Maybe I have too many things… too many clothes, or socks, or books, or whatever. Maybe these are problems that cant even classify as problems! This world is spinning , sometimes seeming out of control: and I no longer want to complicate that process with overthinking, or over speaking, or complaining, or using too much plastic, or fighting over pointless arguments.

Photo credit: Donna Motta

I wish to release every person to fully engage, and be the incredible, unique person God created them to be… each a necessary facet in the gem of humanity… really… I meant to say that!

So, with all that said in the face of shootings, and injustice, and threat of world destruction… I plan to end my day… wash my face… say my prayers… thank God I can speak freely, and have others to speak to… voice gratitude for my freedom, my home, my children and husband, my ability to walk and breathe today…

Photo Credit: Donna Motta... my son who always encourages me to keep it simple!


And sleep peacefully. Much gratitude and love!


Very Best, 



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