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the future is female Mar 06, 2018

Yes, I am a woman, a maker, a gluten free baker, but my intro is about this:

The importance of using what we love.

Whether we are on a spiritual path and want to have less, or we love to trade goods with other artists and makers, or inherit effects from family, we all have in our possession beautiful things, it's value being in the heart of the beholder.  It may be a learned behavior, it may be fear of loss or ruining it, or maybe we forget we have it, but not using the things we love is a big mistake. 

We collect, we save, we display but we don’t use. That’s not true, I do. I use. For me, signs of use: stains, rips, wrinkles, are all markings of love. 


#campingwithteatowels 😉

Here’s a little story:

We used to live in a funky, old mountain house that went though lots of change from the time we bought it to the time we left it. It was beautiful, eclectic, hosted many parties, grew with our family, let us witness mountain lions in the middle of the night. It wasn’t fancy, but the silverware we used was.  I had inherited said silverware from my parents, real silverware, Gorham, the very same I remember using on the High Holidays, only twice a year. One day, up in the foothills of Boulder, I was looking at it, sitting in its velvet-lined box, stacked neatly, just waiting.  At that moment it came to me, “what the hell am I waiting for, Queen Elizabeth is never coming to dinner.“

So, we used it. My son, a baby at the time, used it, probably throwing it on the floor more times than I can count. I mixed up dog food with it…and the JOY it brought. Six years later, we lost our amazing little house in a wildfire, along with everything in it.  If I had never opened that velvety box with the shiny stacks of cutlery, that box that smelled like my childhood memories, I never would have used it. Never had the joy it brought. Do I miss it? No, because we made new memories with it.

One of the goods I sell the most of are one of kind embroidered tea towels. I cannot tell you the number of people that say, “Oh, I could never use these, they are so lovely, I would hate to stain them.” So I must retell the story of the silverware. The next time you want to wipe your hand on a lovely napkin or tea towel, eat off your grandmother’s china, wear a pristine apron to silkscreen amazing calendars, I say do it!  If you have things you love, don’t put them away, use them.

This is who I am, actually, a part of who I am- a woman that has experienced loss, but is not defined by it. When we lose our parents, if we are lucky enough to inherit something, that “thing” should be out, used, and loved. Because you never know when you will lose the “thing” as well.

And unless you get Alzheimer’s, you've got your memories. 


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One of kind embroidery, illustrations in thread. 


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