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future is female Jan 02, 2018


Welcome the first post of The Future is Female – a 7 week-long pilot project of 7 women on a mission to accomplish goals.  We begin with INTRODUCTION/S.

This already empowering project has me focused on making my way to creating the life I desire by clearly envisioning and then developing my work to support it.  For what seems like the last decade, I have been distracted with too many demands and constant interruptions.  2018 and the development of The Future is Female has me focusing on creative work that not only supports me financially but also feeds my soul.  Since the beginning of my adult working life I have never paid much attention to making money.  It has usually, but not always, been there to meet my basic needs of the moment.  Today I find myself looking to my future and realizing that money brings power and the ability to share, support, and grow.  So with great pride let me tell you that beginning now, and moving into my female future, my focus will be on organizing myself and/to making financial gains. 

Many of you know that my sister and I run the Dolphin Studio – a family run screen-printing business founded by our parents in 1970.  We hand print an annual calendar using images designed by each family member.  This year, Martha Stewart Living featured our calendar in their December issue!  Our sales more than doubled and we finished printing the last batch on January 6.  Phew!  That growth was a magnificent gift and a whole lot of work!  Since the passing of my sweet dad (who doubled as my best friend) in 2010, I have headed up the production of said calendar and supporting products.  While this aspect of my creative work has not been featured here or on my other online platforms it does consume nearly 50% of my work life.  As the next 7 weeks pass along you will see the integration of my two creative selves coming together.  Stay tuned on that!

As far as my, maybe more familiar, recycled textile work goes, I’d like to introduce you to a first for me!  Today, for the first time ever, you can purchase a kit from me!  Check out my Love Shine Heart Garland Kits for sale in my shop.  Later this week a support video – teaching the step-by-step construction for these garlands will be released – right here – for free.


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