+Inclusion; My Female Future is Inclusive

the future is female Mar 22, 2018

I remember discovering the musical In The Heights by Lin Manuel Miranda in high school. I was interested in the school musical but I had never thought musicals were for me. I hated the high and whiny tone of every musical I had heard, and most of all, there were no shows that represented me. Until this one. It represented Hispanic culture in a way that wrapped me in hugs and kissed me goodnight. I learned that I could have a place in this genre if only white people made room. And then Black Panther came out, and I was filled with this sense of humanity I had not felt in a very long time.  It struct me that I did not need white people to represent who I was. I needed people who looked like me.

I want to show little Black girls they are human, because they are not treated as such. The other day as I was walking home, an African American girl no more than fifteen was walking in front of me when a group of teenage boys on the other side of the street began to cat call her. They told her to come over and do things to them that I will not repeat. The young girl in front of me clenched her fists and picked up her speed, never acknowledging the group of boys. That only made them yell louder. Unable to keep silent, I screamed at them to leave her alone. At that moment I knew that I could have been raped or overtaken, as it was a deserted street and no one but myself and that teenage girl was on it. But I didn't care. I was filled with this rage. This anger at the audacity of those young men. Black women are treated like property, less than human. Sometimes I overhear conversation about women of color, and you would think the discussion was centered around an object. 

I want a different reality for women of color. My Female Future is filled with inclusion. It is fulled with women of all colors who have voices, and strength, humanity. It is filled with women putting their voices together to support one another, include one another. I can no longer sit back and stay silent about the things I see. They are wrong, and I refuse to stick my head in the sand and pretend these things aren't happening. I want to make a difference. Through my art, and my work, through my life. I will make a change. That is what my female future looks like.


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