I Already Am... By Donna Motta

the future is female Mar 30, 2018

What if I want my life, my soul, to be made of so much more than buzz words, and marketing ploys?

Photo Credit: Donna Motta— “Portal Between Worlds of Possibility”


Today... so much loving thought is invested in discovering mindful living...  artful living, grateful living. I absolutely embrace it all, as do potentially and hopefully— 8,000,000,000 other humans:

Photo Credit: Donna Motta— “Joy of Beauty”

Herbal tea, candles, prayer, Scripture, meditation, music, journaling, writing, reflections of gratitude, simplifying, healing stones, singing bowls, tuning forks, music tuned to a healing frequency almost forgotten, salt dens, and sand springs...


An endless list goes on.


Yet, I have to wonder just exactly what did one do to rejuvenate and renew, before all of these beautiful practices and items became commonplace to the everyday? For that matter, what did I ever do?


Photo Credit: Donna Motta-

“Soul Comes Home”

Art Inspiration: Katherine Haig

I have recently been on a spiritual quest to find peace... to seek calmness of mind... security of soul.


I, like so many others, forget to just BE.


I get wrapped up in what, or who, or where I think I need to be... I lose thought of the fact— I simply, already am!


I thank God for the simplicity of truth. I am the one that insists on binding  every situation in my life tightly with cords of all texture:  thread, lace, yarn, gold, wire, chain... whatever happens to be at hand at the moment.


The truth is, if I just let each passing moment, pass— Love the moment... be thankful for the experience and richness that moment brought to me... glow in positive memories I let my mind keep, like photographs... and turn and look forward... I will keep my mind out of painful pits of failed moments. These negative times are; after all, crisis I have escaped. True, they have held purpose: shaped me, caused growth, brought wisdom. But, they are gone. I am not meant to remain... to still be there.

Photo Credit: Donna Motta- “Inside the Box”


And if I stop straining my eyes, and heart, and soul to try to foresee future moments, and their potentially harmful outcomes to prevent hurt to myself or others... Hell, if I even  stop framing future moments in this light... as potentially disastrous— and begin seeing the future as a bright unknown, full of kindness, and possibility... an adventure that I will always be equipped to handle, even if that equipping comes as I go (Here’s where prayer and faith in God, for me, has to come in.)...

Then, and only then:


Can I settle my mind to stand peacefully in this moment,

and just BE...


Present, joyful, gentle, loving, peaceful, patient, kind, faithful, and self controlled; the way I am intended.

Photo Credit: Donna Motta- “Recharging”

I do in fact, practice all of the methods of self care I mentioned at the beginning of this post; I dearly love and celebrate each one, and more! Yet, if I fail to give myself permission to enjoy the fruit of all that labor... if I fail to be kind to myself, and give myself a break because I’m not yet quite as self-actualized as I’d like to be... If I still swear when I almost run my husband over because he was getting out of the backseat without telling me, as I began to pull away from the curb...  and stuff like that...         


maybe I’m still ok.


Maybe I’m still wonderful.


Maybe, just being me...


Photo Credit: Donna Motta

Artist Credit: Hope and Donna Motta

”Pregnant With Cyclic Renewal”

Is enough.


This beautiful day, I contract with myself to be gentle and kind... forgiving and compassionate to myself. I contract to speak encouraging words to myself... and have genuine patience with my own weaknesses... not make excuses for shortcomings... yet, recognize them, and speak gentle words of growth, and love, and possibility to areas within myself that I would like to see change. I also contract to welcome those areas as present... some of them may not necessarily need to leave... at least not just yet.


I give myself full permission to remain HERE... to celebrate here; and blissfully, purposefully move forward in my imperfect state! I also vow to not just tolerate... but to love myself, and rejoice over myself while in that state of imperfection!


This will allow myself to give these same gifts out to others... others who need grace, acceptance, celebration, and love as much as I do!


So, yes... I will happily journey on with every one of my accrued self care practices...


Most importantly: I will remain mindful to just BE; 

because I already AM.


Photo Credit: Donna Motta— “Faith is the substance of all things hoped for... the evidence of things not yet seen!” Hebrews 11:1. My love of glass... “Is it indeed empty if the light proves it full of so much beauty?” Laurel Joy Graceson.

Art Inspiration: Hope Motta

In the heart of deepest gratitude,


Thank you for reading, and allowing us to journey together!


Much Warmth,

and Love,




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