Human Power to Manifest

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019

Since then I have taken my health, and learning about self-care seriously.  I attended a week-long seminar at The Kushi Institute in my home town of Becket MA back in 2014 to learn about Macrobiotics. Much to my surprise, the diet and lifestyle provided nearly immediate healing.  For a couple of years I was able to keep symptoms at bay with a pretty strict Macrobiotic diet.  At times I reverted to my pharmaceutical prescription for a month or so during a particularly pesky flares each time weaning myself back to my healing diet. 

Since my diagnosis, I have been committed to staying focused on what brings me joy and reticent to spending hours focused on my illness. 

About a year ago it became possible to buy CBD oil, a medicinal marijuana extract, in the specialty grocery stores here in Massachusetts.  Around that time a friend began experimenting with taking CBD orally to help her with anxiety.  While experimenting, she was pleasantly surprised by a side effect – the cure for her IBS!  Reading her online post inspired me to experiment and sure enough – a week into it I was feeling fewer symptoms, and a side effect for me was reduced anxiety – which I really never even knew I had!

While I am all about treating ills with natural herbal extracts and avoiding Big Pharma if at all possible, I am super inspired to learn more about healing through meditation and mindset.  My work last year with Wealth Coach Agnes Kowalski helped me hop on the mindset wagon where I learned so much!  There will always be so much more to learn but Aggie planted the seed and honestly I love it!  In addition to building a daily meditation practice, my mind has been opened to EFT, journaling, and clear focus on manifesting life of my dreams.

My days start with fresh new experiences through meditation and serendipitous meetings keep happening at an ever increasing rate. 

A few weeks ago I decided that it was important to seek physical therapy for a running injury that has kept me on the bench for three and a half months.  I want to stay agile and active for the next forty years and right when I decided to look for the right physical therapist, she found me!  At a little retail show late last year, a customer was chatting with and friend and me and it turned out, she is that person! She is the alternative physical therapist I met with on Wednesday morning about my ankle.  Her work was mind-opening, warming, healing, heart centered and musical.  She practices meridian work and sound healing and suggested I read Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I downloaded Becoming Supernatural in her driveway before heading out to my next engagement yesterday. I am enthralled.  The power of human thought and intention has been a comfort to me for years – not really knowing how to tap into it or if my understanding of human power is common thought or documented.  My experience with this real power is around the health of my son and his heart condition – more on that in another post but I have seen proof of intention creating reality so as I listen to Becoming Supernatural I am awestruck and engaged and so excited to move further into something so wonderful and inspiring. 

My year of reading voraciously is morphing to the 13 month mark with no end is sight!  I am putting together a reading list for an upcoming post.  In the meantime, let me remind you that the earth is an amazing sphere of sacred circulating energy coming from every living thing.  We can choose to put out good energy and make the world a better place.  This is EXCITING stuff right here! 


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