How Deceiving by Damaris Obi

the future is female Apr 04, 2018

I have been all about self discovery this past month and this past week was no different. I found it interesting to realize how often we give in to fantasy. I am in hospitality at the moment and corporations in America are solely focused on the ultimate consumer. I found myself astounded this week at the level at which we as people check out and allow ourselves to spend so much of our hard earned cash on frivolous activity. A parent spent 3,000 dollars the other day on her daughters 3rd birthday. 


Another man spent half a million on his son’s 10th birthday. When asked if he wanted to try platters, more music, more lights, more play, the answer was yes, yes and yes.


We the influencers are trained to do this. We are trained to sell you items in such a way where we can appeal to your subconscious mind and make you believe that you want that item you in reality do not need. Because the biggest issue I find we have as humans is allowing the world to blind us. Trick us. Make us believe that if we take this pill, or buy this deal we can be happier, more desirable, better looking, and even skinner than we already are. It is the biggest lie and the one of the scariest things. Because we choose to believe there is actually something wrong with us. When in reality everything in our society is geared towards “Enhancing is”. Somehow we are not good enough. It is the saddest lie we have today and I refuse to have no part in it. I have started doing small things for myself. This new lifestyle for example. Eating healthy, working out, making my own choices. Watching the water, making time for myself. These things remind it is okay to not be perfect. I don’t need to pretend or try to be something else. If God thought there was something wrong with me he would not have made me myself. I take deep pride in that. I believe you should too. 


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