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This weeks theme is HOME

Home.  Home is powerful.  I feel blessed to have a home, a safe, warm comfortable home.  Blessed, Privledged, yes!  I feel gratitude for the position in this world that I was born into.  I feel hopeful that the work I do in the world helps those who are not as fortunate, or comfortable as me to have a better life – a better home.  More comfort, more voice, less worry, and struggle.

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This is my home:

My hubby, two not-so-little girls and I live in the place where I landed with my birth family as immigrants when I was just three years old.  It is the place where Chris spent his summers as far back as he can remember.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I met that first summer we spent in the USA.  It was 1969.  He was 5 and I was 3, he and his family lived next door to the friends we stayed with until the house where we settled was ready, a few towns over, down in the valley.  Of course, it wasn’t love-at-first-sight, when we re-met as adults we were great friends for 10 years before we even dated.  Our love story is pretty beautiful and tidbits will be sprinkled throughout my posts here and there but for now we revert back to our topic. 


It takes me a while to settle into a new place to live.  The best parts of my life have been filled with a solid connection to place.  The houses where I have felt comforted and relaxed are those where I’ve spent the most time, time enough for them to become home.  We currently live in the house where my husband and his family spent their summers.  The property was in his family for a few generations as a summer place.  About 20 years ago my super talented and able man, added a second half to the once tiny cabin and winterized the building into the coziest home in the all the woods near and far.  Cool in summer and toasty warm in the bitter cold.  I love our little house – even though our soon to be teenage daughters share a room and we have one closet – in the whole house.

A few years ago we bought a house two doors down our dirt road.  The elderly childless couple that had lived there had both passed away and their house was sitting empty. Chris popped in to check on it one day and found it in a terrible state of water damage with mold and falling sheetrock.  We were able to buy it for a song!  We gutted it, down to the studs, cleared out dumpsters full of damage and reconfigured the layout to meet our needs: Separate bedrooms for the girls, a single floor suite for Omi, (Chris’ mom who might, one day, decide she would like help with her daily chores) an office for Chris, closets, lots of closets, a mudroom, and a great big dining table in a sun-splashed great room so we can have dinner parties!  Outside, outside is heaven.  Birds sing, bears lumber, nesting hawks whistle, baby owls learn to hoot, kids sing, dogs fetch, water babbles.  Along the south wall, there is to be the most amazing deck overlooking a house-less valley with views into the next county.  There will be a raised-bed garden with herbs, vegetables, and cutting-flowers, a fire pit, and meadow below.  There IS a treehouse!  Wait til you hear about the treehouse (first post on Thursday this week!)

Oh, Tribe, these are just the highlights!

For the first time in our lives we are planning, renovating, tricking out, a house for ourselves.  We have started from scratch and will make it just the way we want as a place to call home for what might be forever! 

After years of making home furnishings and designing spaces for my product, while making-do with what others have set forth as far as home design goes it is exciting to be in a place where we can indulge in creation.   My husband is a licensed building contractor and master plumber.  He is inspired by fuel conservation and high-efficiency homes.  Using environmentally kind, handmade and recycled furnishings, fixtures, and materials is the launch pad for home-design.  We will incorporate lots of my wares in the mix including Potholder Rugs, Blankets, and new furniture pieces coming together in the studio. Deciding upon every last detail is a lot of research and work and we both love it!  High design meets environmentalism, researching, weighing attributes to make choices we can get behind is a lot of work and it is so inspiring and lovely to have this project to bring us together as a couple while learning all manner of interesting enviromentalisms along the path.  I hope you join us as the project moves forward.  I’ll be posting weekly updates here with all sorts of information and details about every step of the way.  Are you in a renovation process, or dream of being there?  Maybe you are a designer or newly-wed looking for handmade or recycled elements to add to your living space or maybe you are just interested in learning about our process, Check-in here on Thursdays for weekly progress reports.

In the meantime, we are having a picnic dinner tonight down at the ‘other’ house.  If you want to join us on your very own picnic, check out the amazing array of picnic blankets in the shop now.  Enter THISWEEK at check out to get a whopping 25% off your purchase.  Now till Sunday evening at 7pm Massachusetts time.

07.09.18 Picnic Blankets.jpg

And to that we toast a wonderful summer filled with achieving your biggest goals and enjoying the company along your path.


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