Help, It Really Does Go Both Ways by Cathy Wilkerson

the future is female Feb 13, 2018

Helping others feels SO good. When we help, is it better for US or is better for THEM?

I know I have given a lot of help to others. I know I have received A LOT of help from others. 



I can’t think of the word HELP without singing the Beatles song “Help” in my head. 

          “I get by with a little help from my friends”....truer words     have never been spoken (or in this case, sung)! 


I am luckier than the average bear, I have a big tribe of friends. My tribes fall into several classifications; work friends, college friends, neighborhood friends, camp friends, and my family- they are my friends too. It’s not too often that my tribes mix together. Weddings, birthdays and parties are usually what brings everyone together. 


For my birthday last December, I invited a bunch of friends to come and walk the hallways of the Peabody Essex Museum with me. The Georgia O'Keefe show is there thru April 1, and I would highly recommend it. At noon we all met at an installation “All The Flowers Are For Me” by Anila Quayyum Agha. This is fabulous exhibit  closes April 29. 

It was my first birthday without Betsy, and I needed to be surrounded by friends. I knew they would help me with my grief that day, and they did. It was an awesome way to spend my birthday. Meandering the halls and galleries of this gem of a museum. We all met and had lunch in the museum cafe. I think I helped a few of my friends to see art and design in a different way that day. I know that they helped me feel loved an connected when I had been feeling very disconnected.


Help, it really does go both ways. 

Thanks for reading. See you next Tuesday. Peace, Cathy


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