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the future is female Jan 29, 2018

Week 5 - The Future is Female - Weekly Theme - Help

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Over the years help has come to me in many forms.  Generous people have shown up at just the right time with just the right information.  The Universe has seriously set me up with angels at every pass. 

Current help is right here at The Future is Female.  Every week I have committed to focusing on this forward path to the best life I can create.  Being a part of this group of women continues to feed me, and each of us, so we have decided to add 6 weeks to our run and see how we are doing.  Beginning the first week of March (when our pilot project was due to wind down) we will add some fresh partners to our mix.  Widening our circle will help all of us and enable our net to stretch and touch a larger group - building community of accountability,  Each reader, writer, commenter, and fan helps me find time to stay connected to moving - progressing.  I am inspired and effective and feel the pull of a tide of women, focused on personal growth and outward change to benefit us all as humans sharing this sacred planet. 

Help?  Yes please.

I wallow in its flow, happy to provide and be buoyed by it.  


Connects and makes community.  


Learning to give and, yes, also to receive

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As I search images to include in this post I came across a blurry and poorly formatted stop action video I took at a stop light in Amsterdam last April when my daughters and I were on a three day whirlwind tour of the city on bicycles.  As we waited for the light to change we realized we were actually waiting for a drawbridge to come down allowing us to cross over.   Here I find myself at exactly that juncture where I see with fresh eyes how easy it is to get just exactly where I am going.  Right now, as the draw bridge settles gently back into place.

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