Forever Female and Moving Forward to the Future! By Jane Feldman

the future is female Mar 19, 2018

I have always been grateful to be FEMALE - it's a blessing to feel in sync with the Natural World! To feel related to all life! To be rhythmically aligned with the cycles of the moon and the seasons!  But, I've often longed for a WORLD that would honor and embrace our connection   and celebrate it and work to heal it - together!

Feminine Reflection copy copy.jpg

In the future we would find solace and safe space in Nature and in each other. We would  welcome feelings of vulnerability, compassion,  empathy, and kindness.

womb - new mexico jpg copy.jpg

We would blur the lines between Masculine & Feminine and integrate the best of both in a celebration of the spectrum of Sexuality. 

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We would honor the wisdom of our Elders and encourage multi-generational gatherings within our own biological families and in our families of choice and in our communities. We would remember that once upon a time - we lived in tribes.

Perogy night copy.jpg

We would celebrate DIVERSITY EVERY DAY - not just on designated months on the calendar! We would encourage curiosity about each other's heritages, faiths, life experiences and Points of View! We would celebrate both our DIVERSITY and ALL that we share in COMMON! And we would of course embrace and encourage men who love us WOMEN and who stand with us and do not fear their own feminine! For they are our partners, Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins and friends & we need them with us!


And with all the hard healing work and radical shifts, activism and change that lie ahead - I hope we'll also remember to find JOY frequently. Balance in all things! Looking forward to the Future! The Future IS FEMALE!





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