Follow Your Bliss by Madeline Stewart

the future is female Jan 20, 2018
“In the marshes the buckbean has lifted its feathery mist of flower spikes above the bed of trefoil leaves. The fimbriated flowers are a miracle of workmanship and every blossom exhibits an exquisite disorder of ragged petals finer than lace. But one needs a lens to judge of their beauty: it lies hidden from the power of our eyes, and menyanthes must have bloomed and passed a million times before there came any to perceive and salute her loveliness. The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
— A Shadow Passes, Eden Phillpotts

The Universe is full of magical things - we just don't always have the ability to perceive it

But our abilities change and grow over time

This magic is often hidden in the micro and macro, requiring specialized assistance to allow us a view. Through curiosity, investigation and creativity, the magic can be reached.

I seek these wonders - the beauty between the lines.

This is a part of why I climb trees, and a part of why my artworks aim to prompt engagement and exploration.

I am pursuing, and encouraging the pursuit of magical discovery.

With new insights, I feel I am constantly rewriting the preceding topics of inquiry. This is how I want to live my life - with an ever evolving understanding of identity and mission... 

Evolution is most often the constant subtle shifts that take time to fully incorporate with the rest of existence. Likewise, it takes time to discover that which inspires us and feeds our soul - that which propels us forwards within the pursuit of purpose, joy, or fulfilment.

For me, the change I've experienced in the past year has been the discovery of my bliss

The magic in our everyday lives - heaven on earth - a purpose that fulfills to the core

This change has allowed me to understand motivation in a new way. I see that there is so much value in the reflection process, to understand why things are important for progress, and why not all endeavors that follow one's bliss will be understood right away. 

I've found that over time things become clearer, and the connections become more visible - and that bumps in the road are actually lessons that can become beneficial going forwards.

Another change for me this year has been to embrace things I'm not super excited about - such as social media - to attempt to stretch my projects and endeavors father. 

Social media seems to be this weirdly toxic, strangely addictive way of reaching a wider audience. It seems necessary for the work I am creating, since I also want to provide a platform for many to observe and partake. I am finding new ways to build a healthy relationship with social media - for example, only thinking about posting a picture for the Pocket Object Project once or twice a week...

Another change has been in the acceptance that I am working with something that doesn't 100% make me happy. I am getting a degree in Glass Art, so for 4 years I have been exploring and working with this material. The issue for me is the environmental impact, and the health hazards involved with this material. I almost transferred schools after my 2nd year, mainly because I felt I needed to explore other things - it didn't make sense why I was in college for glass art...

But now I realize that it was important for me to experience these 4 years - to learn what an immersive experience with a material can cultivate, and to follow through with a choice to experience something through to the end. I've also started to see the ways that my love for the material, mixed with the struggle, has the potential to bring about positive change (at least for some, if not for the industry as a whole). It may take years for me to get there, but I believe that there is progress to be made for the world of glass - that the way things are being done just need some assistance and motivated energy to invoke a shift in the norm.

I am so grateful for all glass has taught me - beyond material knowledge, beyond craft and skill - I've discovered an ability to see the life lessons and connections within obscure parallels.

I feel more prepared to experience all the world has to offer


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