Focus and Productivity

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2019

If you are like me you might find it hard to focus in on a routine and create ‘on-ramps’ to productive days. For as long as I can remember my to-do list is a mile long with no end in site – it seems like as soon as one task is complete two more are added!

Interruptions are commonplace for me at work and when I look back at my day’s work it’s often that the most urgent, needle moving items on my list were circumvented by less important but more pressing issues brought to mind. I see this as a challenge to overcome.

For the last 18 months I have been focusing on figuring out how to make my business the job of my dreams. It is not far off – I mean I have a blessed life! It is amazing when looking back to see that since my college days I have been successful at doing work that I love and sharing it with you! So Cool! I mean, I LOVE what I do and have met many amazing people and made lifelong friends along the way.

A big factor that has been overlooked in the past and the goal that has warranted my deepest thought and focus this last year and a half is financial freedom. Through all the years of developing my company in all its incarnations, I have never made enough money to save for retirement, or spread my passion far and wide. I have never focused on making money. Now, for the first time ever, financial freedom and making a wider environmental healing impact is my focus. It is clear to me that 10Xing my income is tantamount to making the changes desired.

All the introspection during the most recent sliver of life has shown me that focus and productivity are areas to master as I walk closer to that dream job.

My morning ritual, compiled from ideas found in my reading material, online listening and group coaching has been a huge boon to me looking back at my workdays and seeing real strides of progress.

I am here to share with you my morning ritual and let you know the instrumental change it has had on my life in just 2 short months. Seriously, this ritual stuff feels so right to me! After many years of feeling daily overwhelm, this new routine has changed my life. I am more organized, able to plan better, more clear on my big picture goals, better focused on the work at hand, and honestly, happier, and more content. So here it is, my morning ritual:

  • First off, I plug my phone in to charge at night away from my bed. It is across the room allowing me to settle in to bed in an old and welcomed relaxing way – no last minute checking email as slumber fights its way in.
  • In the morning, my alarm goes off and I get up right away – no snooze button or just a few more minutes (another reason to keep the phone away from bed)
  • I head to the bathroom brush and floss my teeth, wash my face and drink a big glass of water.
  • My hubby and I get the kids organized for their days
  • Then it’s morning meditation – 15 minutes to clear my head and go deep into the quiet of what is inside.
  • Next I transition to my morning workout – usually a 2-3 mile run, sometimes a hike, always outside with dogs.
  • Then its home for a quick shower and off to work.
  • Before my workday starts I spend 15 minutes journaling at my desk. Writing writing writing, letting ideas and thoughts flow from me onto the page with reckless abandon.

Once all of these steps are complete I am clear and ready, refreshed and focused on my unfolding day with sense of accomplishment already under my belt.

Do you have a morning ritual? Maybe you have questions about my morning ritual? Scroll down and leave a comment. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and have a chance to chat.


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