the future is female Feb 26, 2018

Week 7 – The Future is Female – Evaluation

Web Traffic

Stick-to-itiveness - my personal mission

Increased revenue generation

Empowerment of others

Let me just tell you that this experiment, this pilot project right here, that myself and 6 brave women have given their words, deep thoughts, time, and hearts to over the last 7 weeks has been nothing short of actually awesome.  With their help, I have finally been able to focus on building my online presence.  Readership is way up – 400% up!  Google analytics tells me that we are amassing readers from all across our country and the globe.  In addition to being inspired by the eloquence and personal sharing initiated at The Future is Female, my shop is busier which is reflected in increased sales, more followers on my social media and a bump in email subscriptions.  Wow!  How blessed I feel with gratitude flowing forth!  Amazing! All of these completely wonderful upticks are only part of the picture. 

More importantly, I am more committed than ever to continue on my creative and empowering path to financial independence and freedom.  The process is working because it is inspiring others to find a path to their goals and the ability to stick to that path with support and accountability.

Each of the 7 current contributors opted to continue on our shared travels.  This tells me that they are feeling like their valuable investments are worth their time in what they are gaining in the process.  I hope to learn more about their experience as these next days unfold.  Their sharing will help direct our travels to places unimagined, places of personal accomplishment feeding communities on our discovered truth and the knowledge and empowerment we have gained in our process.

Next week we will widen our circle to include 7 more women, each with a fresh set of eyes and vision to share.  We will up the ante to posting twice daily on a recurring schedule – each person posting once weekly at a specific time.  Each week has a theme that kicks off on Sundays with my post.  Follow along, leave a comment, tell us why you might want to be a contributor in the future by sending an email to me with The Future is Female in the subject line.  AND Please Share Share Share the wider our circle the more positive impact will flow into our midst.

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