Distractions by Siobhan Rodgers

the future is female Feb 23, 2018

ahhh good old distractions...

As I write sitting in my communications class distracted by this post...sweet irony 

Distractions are an interesting topic to talk about for this week. I have been back to school for about a month now since break. I have been really busy with my schedule of classes and other activities going on in my everyday life. I AM BUSY. I have so many different things to do that I don't even know where to start. I have been just taking my days as they come and going through each one accomplishing the things I need to focus on. Being distracted is what I find is keeping me from reaching my goal. 

Good and bad distractions is how I am going to guide this post.. Good distractions are the activities you do that have a mostly positive impact on your life. The bad distractions and the activities you do that don't have a positive impact on your life and may even keep you from your goal. 

Lets start with the bad news first I guess.. Bad Distractions. There are pros and cons to bad distractions. I always feel guilty about my bad distractions and at times its the things I don't want to admit that they are happening in my life. The bad distractions do act as a block from my goals. Often times its hard for me to talk about them, but in the end they still make me who I am so its something that needs to be addressed. Partying with my friends and my cell phone! these are the things I consider to be fun this is how I spend my free time.

At times though I let these things come first. Especially when my friends are home from school. I have to learn to say no. I have to save "my fun" for the weekend. I easily let myself become distracted from my phone when I am doing my homework and I have to be better with it. Saying no too hanging out with my friends is something I struggle with. Whenever my friends are hanging out it is easy for me to drop everything and go hangout with them. A lot of the time these things can be good for my mental health. They can help me reset and be able to focus more when I come back to it. Although this could be a form of procrastination which leads to cramming...at least my mental health is good. 

When I catch myself doing this I need to control its better. With the good distractions such as writing, knitting, exercising, painting, drawing, playing music, and hiking I am able to have good mental health and be progressing. Of course I love doing these things and I feel less guilty about doing them than I do with the bad distractions. The good distractions keep me going. Whenever I am frustrated with my homework or other tedious task the good distractions help me reset and come back to what I am doing in a more positive approach. 

The good distractions and bad distractions are both in the end distractions and can either help or harm you depending on how you approach them. Distractions...the word is activities that prevent you from a goal you set for yourself. They can often lead to new goals and aspirations but then it becomes a challenge of leading your own path based on your distractions. 


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