Connectivity and Creativity by Madeline Stewart

the future is female Jan 14, 2018

Seemingly Small Actions Have Incredible Impacts

An act of kindness from a stranger, a letter in the mail, a witnessed moment of joy...

Or maybe going to a local artists gallery and having a revelation that glass is a medium that can be played with...I never realized this. Before that moment, glass always seemed to be windows, bottles, cups - always machine made objects.

Starting from that day, to my first class, followed by another, then a major in an array of insight that spans far beyond the manipulation of a material - I've been on a journey of discovery.

I have discovered my mission as an intention that was brewing before I was aware.

My mission is to Connect and Create

The most impactful day of 2017 was my 21st birthday. 

An image formed in my head - the transition of a human body becoming part of the earth, while a visualization of the individual's effects on the world became visible - a glowing web, connecting each action, word, creation and energy to other sources.

A micro and macro scale of connection came into view, as each component must be made of other elements, as well as part of a larger collective. 

This is how I view existence - and the inspiration for my artworks

The things I make, I wish to share

Each piece I make is a part of my self. It is an extension, formed through thought, action, love... 

I experience joy when gifting my creations to others. The feeling expands further when I learn of the journey they create together - people interacting with the objects, and seeing the charm they add to each other's existence.

I watch the web expand

I love the community that forms around collective engagement and exploration - when people feel value in the projects they are a part of.

I wish to create because I love to use my energy to explore the possibilities of creativity. Especially with glass, a material so unlike other things we engage with - I am in awe from the beauty in every moment frozen in a form.

I wish to share these gems, to spread seeds of inspiration - to spark curiosity and connection, creativity and joy.

The Projects are in progress, they continue to grow. 

Each one has led to the next, as ideas develop to explore new topics, or engage people in different ways.

You can check out the details of the current projects at their Instagram pages, linked in the pictures above, and at my website

As more pieces are made over the next months, I hope to involve many new participants from around the world.

If you would like to join the journey, leave a comment, or message me on Instagram

I'm excited to see where this goes!


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