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the future is female Feb 15, 2018

Connections are threads within the fabric of life - The individual structural elements that support the whole, and bring strength to the entity

Continuing with the motif from my previous posts - clearly a current curiosity in my life

The word Support is important to me. I use this term often, as it is a a beautiful parallel to this week's theme; Help

cousins, sister and me

Support, like Help, comes in many forms. It is kind gestures of encouragement that boost motivation; assistance in times of need; knowing someone has your back when challenge arises; companionship along a journey into the unknown. Support is the bond between people that gives room for growth, while acknowledging that not everything will be perfect; that we aren't responsible for others, but we most definitely can have an influence on their progression, which in turn has an affect on our self. 

There is no "going it alone" in life. Everything we do, everything we observe, consider and create - Everything - Every 'whole' exists through other components coming together.

This phenomenon is what constitutes Emergence

In the micro, each individual is constantly supported by billions of other individual units. Correspondingly, this is how life functions as we expand from the body outward into the macro.

And that's where community support comes into play

Right now I am on a mission to Connect and Create - to spread Love and Joy, Curiosity and Creativity - All these things go together, and might even mean close to the same thing...

To me, this is Connecting to Source, to the Oneness of Existence, to whatever God may Be - it is Following my Bliss, and knowing I am not 'the only one' doing these sorts of things, but that I am the only one of my self - the only one who can create and share this entity's energy through the experiences, connections and creations I bring forth.

With that intention - I seek to support others in their similar missions, such as this Future is Female project. Similarly, there is recognition that what we do individually can combine with the forces of others to create something even bigger. That the energies combined can support both contributors, as well as a third entity, the whole made from multiple parts.

Now, I am looking for people who are interested in further supporting this mission

Through projects I've initiated, I am hoping to build up a global community of creatives, connectors, and supporters. I am putting my energy into projects that are in their baby years, but can still have influence in individual lives, and hopefully spread their intentions further. 

I am looking for financial support to allow this project to continue after I graduate in May.

By purchasing a Pocket Object or Connection Capsule, giving a Donation, or becoming a Sponsor,  you can help keep these projects Going and Growing!

So far, a handful of amazing individuals have Donated to the Project through purchasing Pocket Objects. This has made it possible for me to most recently upgrade and purchase my website to include a product page - but also to continue sharing these objects with people around the world who otherwise wouldn't be able to get involved. I have been shipping pieces on my own expense, giving away pieces as gifts to those in need of a kind gesture, or to those who have supported me through other means, and purchased the necessary materials and equipment that so far has allowed this project to grow.

I am so excited to see the amazing chronology since this project started 9 months ago, and I hope to see it continue for much time to come!

If you are interested in supporting the Projects, but have an idea outside of what I've mentioned, feel free to get in touch! Maybe you have a friend or group that would love to get involved with the creative side of the projects, or a family member who is trying to get their artwork into a gallery - maybe you have a platform to spread the word...whatever it is, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to this wonderful FIF community for Supporting each of our weekly progressions - I look forward to hearing more, and seeing each of our growth! <3

With Love,

Madeline Stewart


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