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holidays Jan 08, 2019

It is funny, my husband is really not into it – chalking Valentine’s Day up to a ‘Hallmark’ holiday created to bump sales at a time of year when things are at a low.  I get his thinking but I see it as a golden opportunity to let the people you care about know.  For me, the holiday season is a crazy mad-dash to the end of the year with too many obligations to really be thoughtful in personal communication.  Right when I start to feel regretful for not sending personal notes in with all the gift calendars I send, or taking the time to write a card to my sweet elder friends or just letting the people I am closest too, know how much I love them, It’s Valentine’s Day!  Yippee!

When I was a kid, at school we exchanged cards.  It was super fun to make the cards for each of my classmates thinking about what colors or images they would like best.  Later, it was fun to receive all the store bought cards – they were so foreign to me and SO COOL!  They were even printed with a to: and from: which at the time seemed to be the height of awesome! 

In hindsight, I loved that my parents were creative and enjoyed spending time with us making the cards we were to give.  That hindsight also tells me that those cards were more meaningful.  No to: or from: all handwritten with thought going into each aspect of the making.  Don’t get me wrong, these cards were not masterpieces!  We typically got out all the colored paper in the house, Elmer’s glue, scissors, and index cards for the base.  Stickers and doilies and colorful feathers were added to the mix.  I remember it sort of like decorating cookies, we would line all the index cards up in rows on a newspaper covered table and we would assembly line them to completion.  Each of us three kids with our own collection complete at the end of the session. 

This year my kids are mostly grown past the point of schoolmate Valentine Card giving although I have an inkling that Violet will still be super into it!  Today I am getting all my colored paper out, along with some paper cutting scissors, stickers, feathers, fabric bits, some old buttons, and yes, the Elmer’s Glue.  Today I will make a handful of cards to send to those I love most.  They will not be masterpieces or take more time than is comfortable for the making, and, I am willing to bet, these cards will bring wide smiles and understanding of my appreciation and love of our connection. 

Do you have friends, family members or others whose path crosses yours, people who might wait on you for coffee, be in your exercise class, at your doctor’s office or go to your school who you appreciate?  Consider making them a card and imagine how that might initiate a whole fresh circle of wonderful things that ripple out into the ether.  Kindness Matters -

To help with the making ware working on a free card making tutorial that will be ready on January 18th – just a little over a week from today.  To prepare for the making you might want to gather up colored paper or magazines with lots of photos to cut up, gift wrapping or origami papers work well too.  Glitter, buttons, tiny feathers, washi tape, and stickers are fun to incorporate in the process as well.  Then check back right here on the 18th for all the deets and inspiration!  Happy January Monday! 

PS. Leave a comment below telling about a Valentine’s Day memory from your life!  I love to learn about what y’all are doing, thinking about, and remembering. 


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