Announcement: The Future is Female

the future is female Jan 01, 2018

A week from today an experiment will get underway right here on my blog called RAG.  The Future is Female kicks off on January 14 with daily entries written and curated by myself and 6 other women.  Each contributor is on an achievement path toward a goal.

The idea came to me as the impending new-year approached with all its opportunities and my desire to hit a giant imaginary RESTART button.

My restart is focused on simplifying, consolidating, being healthy and having financial freedom. Distractions and interruptions are limitations that I acknowledge and choose to steer around this year and into the future.  To help me stay on track, I have invited 6 women to join me on a seven week long adventure into our individual paths toward achievement.  Part accountability team, part empowerment platform, all safe, nurturing, encouraging and supportive.  Follow along here as we delve in to our power.  Our first week’s theme is Introduction/s.  I’ll get the party started with a weekly post on Sundays.  My co-conjurers will make their Introduction/s as next week unfolds.  Feel free to use our weekly themes in your own personal development.  Read along.  Connect, comment, share.  It is already exciting to imagine the magic! 


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