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Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018

As 2018 untangles itself and winds to its end I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months and I see personal growth and clarity.  Acknowledging these changes makes me understand fully the learning accomplished in the past 12 months.  I have learned what rocks my world, what I want to draw into my path and what to repel. There is a clear path into a life that supports my passions, lifestyle, and well-being right in front of me.  It is exciting to find, live and grow in a life that is created to serve my environs most judiciously – giving the best inspiration I can to encourage others to serve the general well being of our species while nurturing themselves to live as an example of what a beautiful, engaged, satisfied, ecstatic life looks like – with peace and contentedness. This is a tall, yet simple order, and certainly worth working toward.  One day maybe us silly humans will have the ability to promote this seemingly healthier mindset as our way.  So empowering to have found it and really looking forward to sharing what I am learning here on this platform. 

2019 is arriving right on cue – at a perfect crossroads, ready to begin a fresh chapter.  There are all sorts of amazing changes in the coming weeks that bring in the unknown – and the comfort of simplification.  As soon as some of these transitions are ‘sure’ they’ll be shared - right here - as well as the great adventures along the way. The changes coming will be visible from here so please give me your feedback as you begin to witness the changes – do you like our new landing page on the website? It is fresh and to be followed by a general redesign as Team Crispinaffrench clarifies, and builds our new and ever-evolving web-presence. Speaking of which - tribe feedback really helps establish and inform our path! Keep your comments after each blog post, thoughtful ideas, creative feedback and helpful questions coming! Have you joined my email list?  If you give your snail-mailing address I will send you a super special welcome card in the mail!  All of this is to say that It is really exciting to be in better touch with you.  Stay tuned right here to be the first to know about new things around the studio and within team Crispinaffrench!  My plan is to post here twice weekly with maybe some guest posts filling in the gaps.  Check in on Mondays and Thursdays to see how things are unfolding! Let’s grab ahold of each other as we launch off into the wild blue yonder of our shared future with amazing support and connectedness. 

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