Weekend Retreat - Making Magic Happen

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

What is on your agenda for this September?

Each year as my kids head back to school, we return to a daily routine that brings opportunity to focus in on education – theirs, and mine ~

Summer feels expansive, relaxing, and free and the minute our family swings back to the structure of early mornings, packed lunches, and study, organization and schedule return.

If you have been around for a while you might know that I just love routine and schedules. Being organized AND creating a dependable, consistent, (did I say organized?), pre-planned workflow is my biggest challenge.

I was listening to a podcast interview the other day – where an influencer I am just learning about shared that her heavily pre-planned calendars and schedules are how she has overcome her aversion to, and difficulty with managing her time. She got really vulnerable discussing her undiagnosed-until-adulthood learning disability.

Her words really resonated with me. I too struggle with focus and...

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Organization (and Removing Obstacles)

weekly theme workflow Jun 12, 2019

If you have been around for awhile you might know that each week we pick a theme that helps us focus and move into places that need our attention. This week the theme is Organization – not like an organization but more like, organizing myself.

I am hell-bent on overcoming my obstacles and for the last few months I have invested time meditating and journaling with the goal of clearly identifying my biggest obstacles. Settling into our theme this week, Organization, a little voice in my head is praying, “please, let me get this right this time, let me take the time it takes to organize, plan and schedule my workflow to be most productive!” That little voice just taught me that THIS is my biggest obstacle! Magical how the universe serves up just what I need right on time.

Let it be known that I am committed to create a schedule that allows for the satisfaction of success, while resulting in having the most fun and leaving the hurrying and stress of always feeling...

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Focus and Productivity

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2019

If you are like me you might find it hard to focus in on a routine and create ‘on-ramps’ to productive days. For as long as I can remember my to-do list is a mile long with no end in site – it seems like as soon as one task is complete two more are added!

Interruptions are commonplace for me at work and when I look back at my day’s work it’s often that the most urgent, needle moving items on my list were circumvented by less important but more pressing issues brought to mind. I see this as a challenge to overcome.

For the last 18 months I have been focusing on figuring out how to make my business the job of my dreams. It is not far off – I mean I have a blessed life! It is amazing when looking back to see that since my college days I have been successful at doing work that I love and sharing it with you! So Cool! I mean, I LOVE what I do and have met many amazing people and made lifelong friends along the way.

A big factor that has been...

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Learning Curves and Hiccups

Uncategorized May 25, 2019

What a Week!

Wowsers ~

This past week I launched my very first full-on online course – my Potholder Rug Lab and it was AmAzbALLz!  For the next 5 weeks the awesome group of brave and crafty people who signed on will be in the thick of learning every last detail of my process.  At the same time, I’ll be in the thick of staying three steps ahead of them providing engaging, fun content to convey all of my experience in 5 modules and help my students get their desired results.

During the process of making the class and getting it out into the world there were a few hiccups which are to be expected but are, never-the-less, just a little FRusTrAtInG!

As I dive into the wild world of online teaching, I am working hard to develop a clear, fun, and targeted presence with my website and supporting social media platforms.  This is where your comments and feedback are so super-helpful!  (Please leave a comment below and let me know how I am doing,...

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Great Barrington Artists Market 2019 Kick Off

Uncategorized May 23, 2019

This weekend come find me at the Great Barrington Artists’ Market where I will be selling on the last weekend of each month through October. GBAM is adjacent to the Great Barrington Farmers’ Market where there The Lucky Five will be playing and all manner of deliciousness will be for sale to take home and cook or eat on the go as you browse the vendor tents.

I’ll have the beginnings of my brand new summer collection, some sweet n cozy wool things to fend off the last of the spring chill and some fun little patches, posters and kitchen towels from the printshop.

Speaking of the printshop, did you know when you join my email list and include your mailing address we send you a inspirational hand-pulled, signed and numbered print in the snail mail? When is the last time YOU got a hand addressed, personal thank you and welcome all at the same time, card in the mail?

Spread the word - Great Barrington Artists’ Market and Prints in the Mail!


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My Potholder Rug Mini-Course - A Quick Video Update

Uncategorized May 07, 2019

Hey Sweet Earthling!

Late yesterday we got a little ahead of ourselves and sent out the first in my 4 part Potholder Rug mini-series! It is so exciting to be right where we are today – ready to jump in to a whole lot of tutorials to teach my craft far and wide and ooopsie!

If I have had the pleasure to teach you in person, you likely know that I am all about tweaking my teaching to meet the needs of my students. Yesterday, when my FIRST Potholder Rug video snuck out of the ‘brand-new to us’ platform we are using to host the growing library of teaching information, it went without a place for people to comment and leave feedback! YIKES! This is so important to me! The comments, email, and general feedback I get from you is truly instrumental for my development of my courses. We remedied the situation – so if you had a chance to see my intro to Potholder Rugs video yesterday and feel like sending along your feedback you can leave a comment on this post or click...

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BIGGEST Sale of the YEAR ~ and Settling IN!

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Hello Earthling! 

Not sure if I am able to make it really clear how much I appreciate you, just for finding your way here.  Really, without you all of this work to make cultural shift would be fruitless - so thank you for helping me spread the good word!

There’s some super cool tangible gratitude coming your way so READ ON!

I think we all relish the moments we are able to spend outdoors with friends?  Honestly, for me it really doesn’t matter the season or weather, maybe I’m a little unusual in that as long as I’m dressed properly for the season get me out there!

With our New England leaf buds popping and fiddlehead ferns pushing their way into existence I’m starting to think about music on the lawn at Tanglewood, the sunny beach days of our annual respite on Cape Cod and picnics with our family friends at our new home.

You know what else I’m thinking about?  I’m thinking about how I can best encourage human...

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ReconsumerEyes - A Spring Fast

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2019

My Fast - Seeing Clearly MY Excessive Consumption

ReconsumerEyes returns this week after a long hiatus. Each Monday morning - you will find this column where we will shine light on something that might make us rethink - or see differently our consumption. I’ll work on inspiring you with all sorts of cool and healthy ideas that I use or love myself. If you know a product, person, or idea that should be featured, pop us an email and tell us!

Let’s kick things off with a whole new awareness around food:

If you are like me you have been hearing about “The Master Cleanse” for years.  Friends have sung praises and I’ve read about it but it has never been something that I participated in fully.

My only experience fasting was when my son was small.  He was prone to respiratory infections that would wreak havoc for him for longer than most.  In order to keep him free of these germs at home, if I felt a sniffle or any sort of...

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My History (My Herstory) of Textile Recyling

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

This week our theme is the History of Textile Recycling.  One of the most common questions I am asked is how I got my start in business and coincidentally the two subjects tie very nicely together in my Herstory Are you ready to dive in? Here we go!

My herstory of Textile Recycling 

You might know that I started recycling wool sweaters as an art school student in 1987.  I was working my way through college with three jobs.  I waitressed at one of my all time favorite establishments The Tam O’Shanter on Beacon Street in Brookline, I held the Fiber Studio Work/Study position, and I made work for my classes and sold it at a craft store cooperative in Harvard Square. 

My favorite way to earn was by selling my work.  It all started with a felt-making workshop at Mass Art – the assignment was to make wet felted art after a workshop with a visiting, felt-artist Layne Goldsmith.  I loved the texture of the fabric we made but...

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My 'Big Why'

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019

You might know that I started a business as a college student (back in 1987) making toys and clothing using discarded wool sweaters for raw material.  Only recently has it become clear to me that that was just my introduction to business and the one I run now is really quite different. 

Looking back it blows my mind that so much has changed while the basis of why I do what I do has held pretty steadfast – with one addition.

 My goal is to change the world by bringing global awareness to our culture’s excessive consumption.  I teach a way to live in happy, satisfied, dreamy comfort while consuming a whole lot less.  I like to open eyes to the idea that we can up our reuse, and recycling efforts in concert with just using less to start with.

 Today is Earthday – the day when people around the world celebrate our planet and spend the day honoring that which gives us all life.  While it is...

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