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Scrap Projects


CRISPINA is a brand developed and executed by Crispina ffrench, an enviromental and social activist and textile artist based in Western Massachusetts, USA.  ffrench ran a wholesale recycling manufacturing company (called CRISPINA) producing her home furnishing and clothing designs for nearly 20 years using discarded clothing, and manufacturers’ textile waste for raw material.  In 1989, she was the first to introduce the idea of recycling used wool sweaters and textile waste to the marketplace and successfully twisted the perception of discarded textiles into useful raw material.

Current work is focused on CRISPINA Scrap Projects with textile waste generating companies - in the US and Europe.  Successful Scrap Projects turn the manufacturer’s expense of waste disposal into a revenue stream with the job creation and product expansion.  Scrap Projects kick off as ffrench collects and assesses volume, fall-out, and consistency of waste in a production process.  New products are designed using waste available and production is developed to meet each clients needs.  Test marketing is conducted at and branding pairs CRISPINA with her clients. Licensing and royalties are developed on an individual basis.   


To have your production process assessed by Crispina ffrench for a SCRAP PROJECT, please CONTACT us..